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Why Is Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Better Than Memory Foam?
  • Date Posted:4 October 2017


Before we really get into the fair comparison of regular memory foam and cool gel memory foam mattress toppers, it’s always helpful to first have a little knowledge on both these types of mattress toppers. If you’re spending any time to search for a mattress topper for you, you may have come across the latest battle for comfort, the cool gel memory foam mattress topper Vs regular memory foam, right?

It may not seem like a big deal when you spend one sleepless night, but what if it threatens to become the permanent issue? Lack of sleep might adversely affect to your energy. It simply results in health issues surplus to that it also affects your working productivity. But, with an accurate mattress topper, you can get back your quality sleep that had gone missing all of a sudden! Baffled, which one is the best for you? Well, this question depends on what you want from your mattress topper and how much you’re going to spend. Hence, here is a brief comparison between cool gel memory foam and regular memory foam mattress topper. Select the best sleeping friend that can help you get a quality sleep.

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress Topper?


Memory foam is the most popular materials in mattress topper productions. Well, you can call it as one of the most innovative synthetic products in manufacturing bedding. In fact, its production rapidly increased due to its demand in the market. The quality of memory foam lines and its features not only improve the comfort of your bedding but can also be a perfect alternative solution to extend the life of your mattress.

For those suffering from back problems, memory foam mattress topper is best suitable. This material tends to be sensitive towards body heat so when you lie on its surface, you get a great support irrespective of the position you’re sleeping.

But, are you thinking that memory foam mattress topper is the latest option for you? Well, you not right! No doubt, memory foam is one of the most popular choices in mattress toppers, but most of the people don’t realise that there is an alternative as well that is more comfortable and upgraded. Cool gel memory foam mattress topper is the solution that you have been looking for.

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What Is A Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

If you wish a mattress design with distinct and unique features, cool gel memory foam mattress topper is a great choice to go with. It does not contain layers of liquid gel in the foam. Instead it contains the small beads of the gel that are infused with other elements of the memory foam, which makes it unique from the traditional memory foam. It is designed to contain a unique support layer that make it softer and gives you a highly durable comfort. But, due to its unique gel effects, its open cell structure moulds into the shape of the individual body.

In fact, it comprises with the features that the foam doesn’t grow too hot or cold and makes you feel completely comfortable while you’re sleeping.

Mattress toppers made from cool gel memory foam are more than just comfortable. They can give you the support needed to help with several sleeping issues. In a nutshell, a cool gel memory foam mattress topper is an ideal solution for individuals who are looking for a mattress with great comfort and body adjustment.

Why Is Cool Gel Memory Foam Better Than Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

If you’re thinking that buying a cool gel memory foam mattress topper will not give the benefits of memory foam, then you’re wrong. It will give you all the benefits you get with the regular memory foam. Similar to any other memory foam mattress toppers, cool gel memory foam is its types. But, it gives great durability and comfort while sleeping.

We all need a sufficient amount of sleep to function in a better way the next day. So why let your sleep get disturbed if you can get a great mattress topper option. It is well said, “the foundation of a quality sleep starts with your mattress” and if your bedding is not proper, it’s difficult to get a sound sleep. Hence, there are many reasons and benefits that make cool gel memory foam a great choice!

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Benefits Of Buying Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

  • In cool gel memory foam, you won’t find any harmful or filler ingredients at all. In fact, you won’t find any kind of harmful fillers that can release off-gassing or odors in your mattress toppers.
  • Cool gel memory foam is resistant to any kind of motion transfer, so even if your bed partner moves frequently, it won’t disturb your sleep.
  • With the infused gel ingredient in the mattress topper, it offers a better comfortable surface to sleep. And the most interesting thing it perfectly fits the body structure without sinking it too deeply.
  • It gives great pressure point relief. When the mattress topper is compressed, the small gel beads form a smooth shift from the nature of the memory foam to the pressure relieving properties of the gel.
  • It is always cool because it is designed for good ventilation and so it is better than the traditional memory foam.
  • What really makes the cool gel memory foam different from the traditional one is its better air circulation feature. The cool gel beads give better air flow; it means that heat can be more effectively drawn away from the body and produces a cooler surface for you.
  • In fact, cool gel products have a shorter response time. It means that when you move your body, it immediately reshape in the position you’re sleeping.

We know there was a time when memory foam mattress topper was considered to be the best choice, but as time changed, the demands changed! With the ingenuity and the emergence of cool gel memory foam, things have changed a bit. If you wish for quality and sound sleep, but not getting the one from your mattress, going for a cool gel memory foam mattress topper won’t disappoint you. You can get a guaranteed, comforting and, relaxing sleep without thinking for even once!

If you’re thinking to make your bed a bit more comfortable and supportive, look no further than a cool gel memory foam mattress topper. You can get cool gel memory foam mattress toppers in different sizes from the Bargains Online store.

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