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Get Inspired by Nature With Outdoor Bench Seats Made for the Australian Climate

Sit and enjoy the view of your garden or patio with an outdoor bench chair. Our garden benches for sale will be a beautiful and functional addition to your outdoor space. It can be the perfect spot to read a book, hang out with friends or family, or just kill time in your garden. Passing the time outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and surrounding yourself with nature is good for your body and soul. Our outdoor garden bench seats can provide a space in your garden if you want a quick escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

A Range of Outdoor Bench Seats for Sale

Bargains Online's collection of outdoor furniture bench seats comes in various sizes, designs, and materials — just like our outdoor dining chairs and tables — so you'll have plenty of choices that will look good in your garden. Of course, you'll also love our exquisite designs that add drama to your garden.

Aluminium Benches

Lightweight yet highly heavy-duty, our aluminium benches are excellent for your outdoor space. Known for being low maintenance, aluminium is rust and corrosion resistant too. This means our outdoor benches can withstand all kinds of weather and other outdoor elements, such as rain and dust. Plus, all our aluminium benches are powder-coated, giving them extra reinforcement from the harsh weather, including UV protection. At the same time, they are ultra-lightweight, making them easy to move around your space as you desire.

Steel Benches

Made from another robust material, our steel bench seats for sale are built to withstand the outdoor elements. These benches will not fade or get damaged, even under extreme weather conditions, as they are covered in UV and weather-proof powder-coated paint. Since they are highly durable, they rarely need maintenance work, saving you time and money.

Cast Iron Benches

Our cast iron benches are highly robust, made with sturdy construction, providing years of durability and easy maintenance. Plus, all the edges on our furniture are well finished and powder coated. This means they are UV-protected and weatherproof, so you can leave them out in the open, in any weather without fear. You'll also love their high-quality finish.

Fir Wood Benches

Bargains Online uses fir wood to construct our natural wood benches. As you know, fir wood is a very sturdy and stable material. It is famous for providing strength and structure. Hence, it’s popular for construction projects and outdoor furniture. Plus, the wood has gorgeous grain patterns, providing a beautiful natural aesthetic that blends well in any garden or patio.

World Class Outdoor Furniture

Wouldn't it be nice to decorate and spend time in your garden? Unfortunately, leaving furniture exposed to various outdoor elements can quickly lead to damage and premature ageing. So, it's crucial to choose furniture that is robust and made well. At Bargains Online, we ensure our outdoor furniture is crafted with high-quality materials and to strict guidelines that meet Australian standards (where applicable). In addition, all our outdoor furniture, like bench seats and tables, is UV proof and weather resistant; you can bet it can stand the test of time — and weather. Lastly, our furniture comes with good warranties for a more secure and quality purchase!

Browse more high-quality outdoor furniture at Bargains Online! For example, get a high-quality garden shed to store all your tools and equipment safely. Or how about our garden wheel benches and chairs for a more rustic and homey vibe? Why not enjoy your meals in your garden or even host an intimate get-together with bar tables in your backyard? The possibilities are endless with Bargains Online’s range of quality outdoor furniture!

Find Zen at Home with Bargains Online

Need a break? Head to your garden and take a quick retreat in nature with our top-quality bench seats for sale! Buy yours now at Bargains Online and get nature-filled breaks at home!

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