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Sand Water Tables for Kids

Bargains Online provides a huge variety of sand and water tables that come in brilliant designs, which encourages different kinds of cognitive, social and physical development for kids. Buy an incredible sand and water table for your kid from the fantastic range and give wings to the child's imagination. Kids will improve their fine motor skills as they dig in the sand and splash in the water. This outdoor toy for kids is specifically designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Kids love playing with sand and water, and this sand and water play table will not only gratify their desire but also will offer endless hours of playtime and merriment.

Sand and water play table toy will keep your kid completely engaged. It comes with various accessories like trains, boats, funnels, spinner, paddle wheel, see-saw scoop, track pieces, shovel rake, and umbrella. Accessories differ with the set you choose; for instance, you get sand and water table with or without an umbrella. If you want to create shade for your child when he/she is playing in the outdoor garden that doesn't have shade then you can choose the set with umbrella. Check out what type of accessories your child likes and accordingly choose the sand and water table so that your child gets many hours of fun and excitement.