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Create Your Ultimate Training Space With the Best Gym Mats

With lots of heavy equipment and plenty of action, the floor of your home gym can certainly take a beating — that’s why you need proper rubber floor mats for your gym. The right gym floor mats are just as important for a good workout as any other gym parts!

Train Smarter With the Right Mats

If your gym is missing exercise and equipment mats, then you’re not getting the most from your workout.

Stabilise Your Equipment

A wobbly bike or elliptical makes hitting your PB that much harder. But when you buy one of our gym mats online, you’ve got the perfect solution to keep you and your gym equipment steady, even as you hit new speeds and records.

Protect Your Gym Floors

A good workout means building up a good sweat, not to mention rotating through stations for a full and thorough workout. However, this can cause a lot of premature wear and tear to your floor, not to mention turn your post-gym cooldown into a clean up session. However, our gym mats are designed to protect your flooring and make cleaning up a breeze.

Create Your Own Space

Whether you’re looking to create a home dojo or just a dedicated space to regularly exercise, a gym floor mat is just the thing. With our mats, available online now, you can designate spaces to exercise, whether it’s kettlebell squats or stretching. Plus, you can also buy padded gym mats from our online store to practise your martials arts or wrestling moves safely. These also go great with our gymnastics equipment to safely practise tumbles, rolls and more.

Want the Best Home Gym for Less?

It’s not just our great selection of gym mats that makes us Australia’s favourite exercise and fitness equipment store. At Bargains Online, we have everything you need to get the workout you want. Thanks to our low prices, you’ll be fitter than ever before! Get on top of your cardio with a quality treadmill. Or if you’re feeling the need for speed, try our excellent exercise bikes. Alternatively, if you prefer a more low-key workout, our vibration machines are just the thing. And no matter your exercise style, you’ll find plenty of great fitness accessories to optimise your workout and reduce recovery time.

Buy Gym Mats Online Now

Take your exercise to the next level with Bargains Online’s awesome range of quality and affordable exercise mats. From protecting your floor to keeping your equipment stable to giving you somewhere soft to rough and tumble, there’s so much you can do with our gym mats! Get yours today and see for yourself!

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