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Shop Indoor & Outdoor Plant Stands for Sale in Australia

Whether you’re looking to bring a touch of nature to a small apartment or create a visual delight in your backyard, it’s easy to do when you buy a metal plant stand. Having plants and watching them grow allows you to experience a greater sense of calmness and relaxation. But you need a proper place to keep them – enter your plant pot stand, made for indoors and outdoors.

A Range of Indoor & Outdoor Plant Stands

As part of our furniture collection, we have plant stands in various styles, sizes, colours and finishes. From ornamental plant pot stands to metal plant stands, they are perfect to showcase your fabulous flora with pride. You’ll find decorative indoor plant stands and outdoor plant stands made with metal or wood to suit your aesthetic.

Classic Plant Stands

Our classic plant stands are low to the ground and can handle a significant amount of weight. They're ideal for large plants like your monstera, fiddle leaf fig or bamboo palm.

Plant Tables

Plant tables place your plants higher than your classic plant stand, making them ideal for small plants, such as succulents, as well as trailing plants, like pothos, that hang over the edge.

Multi-Tiered Plant Stands

Does your plant life look like it has grown out of control and taken over your home? Filling every corner of your home with greenery can sometimes look messy. With our multi-tiered indoor and outdoor plant stands, you can display various plants more creatively. The multiple tiers let you place your favourite plants on an additional vertical dimension, stopping your set up from looking cluttered, cramped or crowded.

Plant Racks & Shelves

Are you running out of space for your growing plant collection? A plant shelf or a rack will keep all your plants organised while on full display. These can hold more flora than multi-tiered plant stands, allowing your plants to sit happily in close proximity. Group plants with similar needs together, like sunlight and humidity, together. This makes it easier to look after all your plants and keep them all looking happy.

Why Buy Plant Stands Online?

Choosing the ideal plant stand that fits harmoniously in your home or garden is now made easy with Bargains Online. Forget about scoping out countless garden stores and nurseries to only be disappointed. You’ll find the plant stands you want, whether they’re outdoor metal plant stands or indoor wooden ones at Australia’s favourite store, Bargains Online.

A Range of Outdoor Furniture

Find more quality outdoor furniture at Bargains Online! For example, grab a high-quality garden shed to store all your tools and equipment to keep your garden looking its best. Our garden wheel benches and chairs are perfect for creating a rustic atmosphere and providing space to sit back and enjoy all your hard gardening work. We also have a wider range of garden benches to suit anyone’s style. You can even enjoy meals in your garden with our outdoor tables and chairs. Alternatively, you can host a casual get-together with our bar tables in your backyard.

Create a Green Home With Bargains Online

Looking for indoor or outdoor plant stands in Australia? To create a green, healthy environment at home, buy plant stands online at Bargains Online now!