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Sturdy & Adjustable Monitor Stands for Optimised Performance

With a quality monitor stand for your desk, there’s no need to be  constantly adjusting your chair or piling old phone books under your monitor to get a comfortable monitor height and angle! Monitor desk mounts help you easily adjust the height and angle of your monitor according to your liking. This versatility supports ergonomic viewing to reduce eye strain, and neck and back injury or fatigue, promoting a healthy and comfortable posture at your office desk.

The Amazing Benefits of Bargains Online’s Monitor Stands & Arms for Your Desk

Improved Ergonomics

Straining your neck or hunching your back to get a better view of the screen can eventually take a toll on your health. It’s a good thing that our monitor stands for your desk offers ergonomic advantages to support good posture and healthy blood flow. The ability to adjust the screen to the appropriate height, depth and angle for your position means you won't have to strain or hunch over to work on your latest project or task.

Boosted Productivity

When you’re sitting comfortably and able to see your screen, you’ll find it’s a huge boost to your productivity. Discomfort can be a harmful distraction. But since you no longer have to spend time readjusting your workspace to get a better screen position, you'll have more time to focus on your tasks.

Optimised Space

Monitor arms for the desk can make the most of any space, even those in restricted working areas. Because they free up a lot of desk space, they give you more room to work. You can simply push your monitor to where you need it, depending on the task at hand.

A Wide Range of Monitor Mounts & Stands for Sale to Suit Your Needs

Single Monitor Mounts

A single monitor stand has one height-adjustable arm that supports a single monitor. This arm allows you to easily position your monitor at a height or angle that's most comfortable for you. They are designed to provide comfort, efficiency and convenience, and are suitable for any office or home setting. You can also maximise the ergonomics of your set-up with a laptop stand to easily raise your laptop to a comfortable viewing height and double your screen capacity.

Dual Monitor Mounts

A dual monitor mount stand incorporates a double articulating arm. This mount is specially designed to hold two monitors simultaneously to save space and increase efficiency. And if efficiency is your aim, pair this set-up with one of our quality office chairs, designed to ensure optimum blood flow to your brain for faster, smarter working every day.

Interactive-Motion Monitor Mounts

An interactive dual monitor mount gives your monitor a wide range of motion. You can tilt your screen at any angle or pan it from portrait to landscape. This way, you can sit in any position you want, while still maintaining an ergonomic position. These monitor mounts also team perfectly with our gaming chairs for an immersive, comfortable gaming experience every time.

Smart Side Clamps

The side clamp mount is the most efficient space-saving option within our range. Designed to maximise your desk space, you'll find it easier to move around with an increased amount of room to work on. But if you want to further maximise your desk space, check out our range of office desks and laptop tables. Replace your current desk or extend it with these great options.

Find More at Bargains Online

Get more out of your office set-up when you shop office furniture at Bargains Online. From our great range of desks, chairs and monitor stands for perfect posture to filing cabinets and other storage options, you’ll love what we have to offer.

Our goal is to bring you quality at affordable prices. That's why we make sure all our components and furniture pieces are produced following proper quality guidelines that meet Australian standards (where applicable).

Plus, our fast delivery ensures that you can get to work as soon as possible!

Top-Quality Monitor Stands for Sale

Looking for a high-quality monitor stand in Australia? Check out Bargains Online and revolutionise your office set-up today!

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