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Entertain at Your Kitchen Counter With Bar Stools

Have a quick and affordable kitchen makeover with the best adjustable stools in Australia! Our bar stools and chairs can completely transform and upgrade any kitchen and dining space.

A Range of Kitchen Bar Stools for Australia

Discover a wide selection of bar stools right here in Australia! Whether you want swivel bar stools for your kitchen or a salon stool for your vanity table, we've got you covered! We have an extensive range of heights, shapes, sizes and styles, from simple backless outdoor stools to breakfast bar stools with a high back. So, however your kitchen and dining room look, we've got a bar stool to complement your style.

Vintage Bar Stools

Classical industrial designs inspire our line of vintage bar stools. You'll love the combination of elements, blending wood and metal. Despite their distinct look, these adjustable bar stools go well with vintage, rustic and natural interior design styles.

Wooden Bar Stools

Wooden bar stools are renowned for their rich organic tones, classic styles and durability. Get them in various designs, from the traditional backless swivel chairs to high-back kitchen bar stools. Whether you have a chair entirely made of timber or one that features only a wooden seat or wooden legs, the universal look of the material makes these stools a timeless Australian classic. Plus, their natural look makes them blend seamlessly with most interior designs, so you don't have to stress about styling or question whether you have a cohesive look. Wooden bar stools generally suit all classically Australian interiors.

Upholstered Bar Stools

The best thing about upholstered bar stools is they're typically plush and comfortable. You and your companion can sit, have coffee and chat for hours without complaints. We have a great selection of upholstered bar stools in various styles and materials. Choose between red, green, white, grey and black bar stools that look great in any Australian home.

We also have faux leather seats that look sleek and contemporary. They're also easy to clean and maintain — perfect if you have children who are messy eaters. If you want something charming and laidback, we also have fabric stools with delicate detailing and button-tufting styles that make for a lovely dainty look. Finally, if you prefer something more posh and chic, our velvet kitchen bar stools with a high back can add sophistication and elevate any space.

Give Your Home a Facelift With High-Quality Furniture

Give your home a makeover with Bargains Online's selection of high-quality furniture. Crafted according to stringent guidelines that meet Australian standards, you can rest assured that your Bargains Online furniture will be in it for the long haul! Our dining tables and chairs provide the ideal space for eating your favourite meals and spending quality time with your family. Get comfortable in the plush, stylish upholstered seats of our fabric chairs. When relaxing in your living room, find an easy place to sit your beverage down on our sleek coffee tables. Settle into our soft and plump sofa chairs, and pull out compact foldable chairs for visitors. Whatever furniture you need, you can find it at Bargains Online!

Sit High & Proud With Bargains Online’s Kitchen Stools

Looking for bar stools to maximise your kitchen and dining area? Get them at Bargains Online! Our wide selection of bar stools vary in height, material, colours, styles and sizes to fit your needs. Shop now for a kitchen and dining space makeover!

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