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Bike All-Day, Sweat-Free With Our Electric Bicycles

An electric bicycle is just what you need if you love roaming around on your bike but get too tired quickly. Shop our electric bicycles online to explore your area without having to catch your breath. They give you that extra push when cycling, so you can accelerate through the traffic, pedal uphill or make it to your morning meeting.

Bike around, enjoy the cool breeze and take in every bit of the scenic cityscape without the sweat. Plus, don’t waste time waiting in traffic or on public transportation! When it comes to bicycles, we have the best electric bikes to take you wherever you want sweat and stress-free!

Why Should You Get an Electric Outdoor Bicycle?

Eco-Friendly & Efficient

Electric sports bicycles are powered by rechargeable batteries. So, you don't have to worry about them emitting dangerous fumes that are harmful to the atmosphere or you. You can do a great deal of good for the environment simply by using your e-bike instead of a fuel-powered private vehicle.

Easy to Use

If you know how to use a conventional bike, you can ride an e-bike! Electric bicycles are simple and quick to master, so you can use yours immediately! All you need to do is remember to give it some charge to get that extra oomph when you need it, like going uphill or getting some extra speed on the straights.

Equalises Strength & Stamina Levels in a Group

Not everyone has the same level of strength and stamina for cycling. Yet, many would love to feel the rush of the wind, marvel at the sights and experience everything a bicycle tour has to offer. With your electric bicycle’s pedal assistance, you can easily keep pace with your faster companions. As for those with physical limitations, such as joint or back pain, the powered boost helps reduce muscle strain, making your ride more comfortable. That's why riding in groups is much more fun with electric bicycles; no one gets left behind.

Fun & Relaxing

Because you won't have to exert that much effort when you pedal, biking can be more leisurely with an e-bike. You can relax more, unwind and enjoy your surroundings, and all your fun won't be spoiled by panting and exhaustion. The electric assistance from your electric bike minimises the physical challenges, so you can focus more on the beauty of where you're travelling. Our huge range of electric bicycles for sale all give you increased comfort and makes cycling easier for a more enjoyable ride.

Safer Way to Cycle

Cycling on an e-bike significantly reduces the strain on your legs and impact on your joints, unlike your regular bike. So if you have injuries or physical conditions, an electric bike still allows you to have fun and be active. You can take your electric bicycle out and enjoy the great Australian outdoors with friends and family alike!

Empowers You to Achieve Bigger Goals

Challenging routes are more achievable when you have an electric bike. If you're a newcomer to cycling trips, you can enjoy the pedal assistance of an e-bike to help you push through the toughest trail or conquer that big hill that’s seen you put off cycling to work. What will buying an electric bike help you achieve?

Find More Fun Ways to Bike With Our Cycling Range

Get involved with a fun and exciting hobby: cycling! Our high-quality, specialised bikes and accessories are just what you need! Break a sweat and get a full workout with our home exercise bikes. Or pedal with ease through rough uphill terrain with our mountain bikes.

Don't forget to complete your gear with our bike accessories to travel far and wide on your bike. And if you’re looking for other great ways to exercise and enjoy the outdoors, Bargains Online has a wide range of outdoor sports gear too!

Pedal With Power With Bargains Online

Looking for an electric bicycle in Australia? Buy your electric bicycle at Bargains Online now and experience smooth, reliable and hassle-free rides wherever you go!

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