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Ride Out the Summer With Our Surfboards & Paddleboards

Looking for outdoor sports equipment that’s going to get you moving? Check out our reliable surfboards and paddleboards for sale — we've got you covered! Bargains Online carries a selection of high-quality boards and accessories to help you get ready for the summer!

Why You Want an Inflatable Paddleboard?

There's plenty of reasons why more and more people go with inflatable stand-up paddleboards (SUP) now than hardboards. Inflatable SUPs have long been evolving and are considered the new normal and the best board for beginners. In fact, some may argue they perform better than hardboards in various settings. Here are some of our favourite reasons for choosing an inflatable board.

Inflatable Boards Are Easy to Store & Transport

Inflatable SUPs can be deflated and folded so they can fit into your closet or even your backpack. This means you can easily take them anywhere without hassle! Also, unlike fibreglass boards, there's no need to pay for an oversize baggage fee on aeroplanes or expensive surfboard racks for your car.

Inflatable Boards Are More Durable

Our inflatable stand-up paddle boards for sale are made from military-grade materials that are tough in the face of tears, making them ideal, even on rocky rivers. They also won't crack or break like fibreglass boards. This is why inflatables outnumber hard boards on rivers, where impacts with rocks are a factor.

Inflatable Boards Reduce Fatigue

Standing on an inflatable board is similar to standing on a thick, expensive rubber mat. When compared to a fibreglass board, there is reduced contact pressure, which makes your feet more relaxed and comfortable, giving you better balance and form. You will also feel less fatigued.

Inflatable Boards Are Less Likely to Cause Injuries

Falling onto a hardboard can hurt and injure you. An inflatable paddleboard has a softer surface, making it much easier for your body to absorb the impact in case you fall. This makes inflatable boards a safer ride than hardboards, particularly for beginners who are getting their balance.

Surf Into a New Favourite Sport

With fantastic beaches in every state, it’s no wonder Australia is synonymous with surfing and surfboards. If you’ve always wanted to give this exciting and fun sport a try, there’s no better time than now, since you can now buy your first surfboard online for less, thanks to Bargains Online! We also have racks and carriers to make getting your board down to the beach easier.

Why Shop at Bargains Online?

Live adventurously with Bargains Online! We carry a variety of high-performance sports and outdoor gear at fantastic prices! Our sports equipment can help you get fit and healthier! Plus, we have a line of boating equipment so you can get out on the water in new and exciting ways. You can enjoy your boating adventures even more, thanks to our boat accessories too.

Buy Surfboards and Stand Up Paddleboard Australia

Make it a memorable summer! Ride the waves with our inflatable paddle boards and surfboards for sale. All our boards are made with high-quality, military-grade materials, guaranteed to last you a long time! So buy surfboards and paddleboards at Bargains Online now!

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