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The Best Coffee Tables in Australia

Gone are the days when you could buy any old coffee table. Coffee tables were once an optional piece of furniture used to hold your drink while you hung around the living room. These days, coffee tables act as accent pieces or pieces of art to decorate a room. They still hold some of our favourite things, such as picture frames, photo albums, books, magazines and the remote control, but they add a stylistic element to the room now too. Overall, a coffee table is indispensable at home. Having armchairs standing alone in your living room without a coffee table just makes the space feel empty and unfinished.

A Range of Australian Coffee Tables

Square Coffee Tables

If you want a cohesive look, you might want to go with square coffee tables. Square coffee tables provide symmetry and balance, making your space look full and without gaps. Plus, they blend seamlessly with your interior design and the rest of your furniture. If you're particular about balance, this shape will help you a lot.

Round Coffee Tables

Round tables invoke a warm and welcoming vibe. They have no sharp edges, so you'll get easy access from every side. Although space at the table may be limited in comparison to other table shapes, round coffee tables work well in any room. They are also ideal for homes with children and pets as they have no sharp edges to bump against!

Wooden Coffee Table

Wood is naturally beautiful, versatile and durable. Whether treated, natural, painted or even aged, wood looks effortlessly rich, elegant and timeless. Its warm, rich tones add a cosiness to the space for a more comfortable and relaxed vibe.

Glass Coffee Table

Glass top coffee tables add visual space. With a luxurious sheen, they look stunningly elegant and clean. They are also easy to maintain, being stain-resistant and water damage-proof. Whether they have metal, wood or another material as a base frame, a glass top will add some extra sparkle. A wood and glass coffee table makes a lovely combination of rustic and modern styles, while a glass and metal table gives an aesthetic balance of the dainty and masculine.

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