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Get Protection From the Sun With Outdoor Sun Umbrellas

We all love summer, there’s no doubt about that! But too much sun without protection can damage your skin. Bargains Online has a selection of outdoor umbrellas for sale that can help protect you from harmful UV rays and provide comfort from the scorching heat. Not only do they provide shade, but these garden umbrellas also look snazzy in your backyard with our garden chairs and tables, transforming your outdoor space into a hotel-like lounge.

A Range of Outdoor Umbrellas

Don't let the summer heat spoil your fun outdoors! Buy a sun umbrella for a perfect outdoor oasis in the summer. Get comfort and style with our outdoor umbrellas, available in styles, colours and materials you'll surely love.

Centre Pole Umbrellas

Centre pole umbrellas are the most common type of outdoor umbrellas, and they have been around for a long time. It has a straight pole that extends from the top of the canopy to the base that stabilises it. It may have a single, solid piece or two separate pieces attached to each other.

Cantilever or Offset Umbrellas

Our cantilever umbrellas for sale have an arched or jointed pole posted on one side. The canopy is then supported from this side and above, allowing it to hang freely. The main benefit of outdoor cantilever umbrellas is that they can provide shade over a huge area without the obstruction of a pole. This is incredibly useful for shading a dining table without an umbrella hole. Many cantilevers can also rotate to give 360-degree coverage, making them even more versatile.

First-Rate Outdoor Furniture

Did you know that the sun, rain, dust and other outdoor elements can damage your furniture? That's why we make every effort to ensure all our outdoor furniture is made with great care to ensure durability against the harshest weather and even the test of time. This means following strict quality guidelines that meet Australian standards (where applicable). So, all our outdoor furniture, including our outdoor umbrellas, is UV-resistant and weather-proof. In addition, they come with good warranties, so you're sure to take home a good product.

Transform your outdoor space into a splendid summer hideaway with our beach chairs and tables. Relax and get some quick R&R in your yard with our sun lounges. Or just spend time in nature with our garden benches.

Get Protected From the Heat with Bargains Online

Enjoy the summer heat with protection against harmful UV rays! Buy our outdoor umbrellas from Bargains Online for endless summer fun!

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