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Dine in Style With the Best Dining Table Sets in Australia

You could say your dining table and chair set is the heart of your home; the place where your family and friends gather together to eat and connect. It's where you share meals, conversations and laughs. As such an important feature in your home, it only makes sense for you to choose your dining tables and chairs carefully.

Before making a final decision, it might be useful to consider how the size, shape and style of your furniture will suit both your family and the space you have in mind. Luckily, along with items such as bar stools, coffee tables and armchairs, Bargains Online supplies a wide range of dining sets to suit your family's needs. Whether you want to buy a round dining table or a square one, we've got you covered!

A Range of High-Quality Dining Sets

Bargains Online supplies premium-quality yet cheap dining tables and chair sets! We offer a fantastic opportunity to own stylish and durable dining sets at rock bottom prices. Consider the options and choose the best one for your family and space.

1. Rectangular Table Sets

If you have a large family or often entertain a lot of guests, a rectangular table set is the one for you. The rectangle is considered the most functional table shape, as it can save space and accommodate more people than others.

2. Square Table Sets

The square table may be the simplest in design, with four legs that are an equal distance from each other. Yet, they are the best space savers, especially for small, narrow dining rooms where every inch is crucial.

3. Round Table Sets

Round table sets are ideal for young families who are just starting out. The shape is perfect for fewer family members and a small dining area. Because they consume less space, they can stimulate better conversation and keep your family closer. Plus, with no edges, you'll be avoiding bumps and injuries, which are excellent if you have small kids.

4. Wooden Table Sets

A classic choice, wooden dining tables and chairs are in style no matter what the new trends may be. They are also very versatile as they fit well within any style of interior. But the biggest advantage of all is that wood is very durable and sturdy. If you maintain it well, it can last for decades. You can also give your wooden dining table a makeover anytime you want. By simply repainting or changing the finish, you can give it a whole new look.

5. Glass-Top Table Sets

With their sheer, see-through construction, glass-top table sets evoke a delicate, light, and elegant aesthetic in your dining area. They open up the visual space, giving you a sleek, clean and modern surface to dine on. Plus, glass surfaces are very easy to clean and maintain.

6. Metal Table Sets

Metal table sets bring a tough, modern, industrial touch to your dining room. With metal being robust, stain-resistant and masculine, you'll often find it blends well with wood and glass in table sets. Metal table sets go well with industrial or contemporary spaces.

Complete Your Home With High-Quality Furniture

Along with beautiful dining tables and chairs, Bargains Online has everything you need to remake your home’s interior. Our furniture is designed and crafted according to stringent guidelines, so you can be confident that everything we offer meets Australian standards. Invite ultimate comfort into your home with lush, luxurious lounge sofa chairs and beds.

Spruce up your living room with one of our modern, storage-friendly coffee tables. If you really want to live the dream, you can even buy one of our incredibly comfy armchairs. And if it’s the kitchen you want to transform, consider our timeless wooden bar stools. Whatever tables, stools and chairs you need, you can find them at Bargains Online!

Dine in Style With Bargains Online

A home won't be complete without a dining set. This is a crucial space where family members gather to enjoy meals and indulge in conversation. Buy a dining table set at Bargains Online now for more fun and intimate dinners with the family!

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