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Find Fun & Functional Bunk Beds for Kids!

As far as kids’ furniture is concerned, bunk beds take the cake. Parents and kids alike love bunk beds, as they have the advantage of being both space-saving and loads of fun. Any parent will tell you that kids need plenty of space to store their toys and play their games, and this space can be hard to find in a busy household. Fortunately, by utilising vertical rather than horizontal space, bunk beds for kids make room for further storage and all kinds of fun activities. These beds are ideal if your kids are sharing a room, but also fantastic if your child wants a friend to sleepover. Bunk beds are a built-in solution for entertaining company.

As wonderful as they are for little sleepers, bunk beds are not just for kids. These bed frames are also perfect for guest rooms, allowing you to accommodate more people without compromising on space. They offer a unique combination of comfort and convenience, saving you the effort of setting up a mattress or re-adjusting a pull-out couch. At Bargains Online, we carry a wide selection of sturdy, beautiful and cleverly designed bunk beds that will fit your needs. Our high-quality yet cheap bunk beds also come in a range of sizes, styles, materials, colours and more.

Choosing Your Bed Frame: Our Full Range of Bunk Beds for Sale

Sizes to Suit Everyone

At Bargains Online, we have different kinds of bunk beds to suit different needs. With our traditional bunk beds, two people can sleep on separate bunks. Alternatively, our range of triple bunk beds include a double bed as the bottom bunk and then a single bed as the top bunk. These bunks can accommodate three people easily for a convenient yet comfortable night’s sleep. When it comes to the kids’ bunk beds, you don’t have to worry about them getting bored or outgrowing their bunk beds. Our cleverly designed bunk beds can be converted into separate beds whenever it suits you.

Storage Options

If you want to further optimise space and storage in your child’s bedroom, you need a bunk bed with bed drawers. These drawers slip under the lower bunk to create great storage spaces without taking up extra floor space. They are also designed to match the bunk bed, so they'll fit easily and look fantastic.

Colours & Materials

Our bunk beds are available in subtle minimalist designs and shades to suit any bedroom. We’ve chosen gentle colours like white and favoured beautiful natural wood. As a result, these bunk beds match just about any style, and complement a lot of modern aesthetics that are popular for Australian interiors.

It should be noted that our bunk beds are made with 100% solid New Zealand pine wood for extra toughness, and finished with non-toxic and odour-free paint. While our cheap bunk beds for kids are affordable, they are nonetheless built to withstand even the rowdiest children. We’re so confident in our bunk beds, they come with a warranty, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen a good, reliable product.

Other Features for Extra Value

All Bargains Online bunk beds can be assembled with right or left stair access, allowing you to optimise the space in your kid's room. They are also designed with extra height so you can comfortably sit upright on the bottom bunk. With this extra headroom, you don’t have to worry about hitting your head or crouching as you get out of bed in the morning. We’ve also made sure to stock only the most durable and long-lasting furniture on the market, so you know you’re getting value for money!

High-Quality and Affordable Bunk Beds on AfterPay

Are you looking for premium but cheap kid’s bunk beds in Australia? Find the cheapest and best bunk beds at Bargains Online! Our traditional and triple bunk beds can be delivered anywhere in Australia when you shop online. For everything you want at a price you love, shop at Bargains Online

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