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Petrol-Powered Chainsaws

Chainsaws, when handled properly, are indispensable tools that will save you a lot of hard work. They’re helpful for jobs as easy as trimming hedges or as intense as cutting down a large tree. Bargains Online carry a full range of various high-quality chainsaws at affordable prices to serve your diverse cutting needs. Our collection includes tools of different sizes with different power systems, from small electric models for light garden work to large petrol-powered models for more strenuous work. Gas or petrol-powered chainsaws are excellent tools for passionate landscapers. They’re powerful enough to cut quickly and smoothly through thick wood. Their fast chain speed will help you make clean cuts without applying too much pressure, making them perfect for heavy-duty jobs. You can quickly slice through a large tree limb or even a tree without breaking too much of a sweat.

Petrol-powered chain saws are very efficient if you have plenty to cut. Like most engine-powered machines, they require regular maintenance for long-term use. However, when properly taken care of, you can get years of use out of them.

Electric Chainsaws

Most electric chain saws work with a plug-in power cord. Since they’re fit for home use, they will typically cost you less than their petrol-powered versions. With less weight, an easy power option, and slower sawing speeds, they’re designed to make light-duty cutting safer and more efficient.

Some of the latest versions of electric chainsaws are now battery operated. They cost almost the same as petrol-powered saws, but many of these models perform as well as, and sometimes even better than, petrol-powered chainsaws. They’re powerful enough to cut down large tree limbs and even small trees. They can also give you greater flexibility in what you can cut down as you don’t need to worry about having a cord and access to a power supply.

Safety Features

Our chainsaws are premium quality, many fit for commercial use, and guaranteed to last a long time with regular maintenance. They’re equipped with various safety features to prevent accidents. For instance, low kickback semi-chisel chains and centrifugal clutches help you safely handle the tool more easily. The auto oil-lubrication feature prevents the chain saw from running dry. The automatic braking system stops the chain rotation instantaneously upon kickback. When you choose a Bargains Online chainsaw, you know you’re not only getting great value for money but a safe and efficient tool.

Our chainsaws also have other various safety features and more depending on the model. These can include:

  • Robust steel chain for excellent wear-resistance
  • Heavy-duty sprocket nose for smooth operation
  • Auto-throttle locking design to prevent choking
  • Unique double recoil pull system for easy start-up
  • Balanced weight distribution for easy operation
  • Self-cooling flywheel
  • Carburettor antifreeze mechanism
  • Upgraded air filter and intake manifold
  • Auto-throttle locking
  • Double recoil pull system
  • And so much more!

Review our chainsaws buying guide to find which model is perfect for you. You can also check out our chainsaws maintenance guide to help you look after your newest purchase. If you’re looking to complete some garden maintenance or DIY jobs this weekend, you need to check out our selection of power tools and equipment, tool storage, and building materials.

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