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Take a Break & De-Stress With Our Massage Chairs

Unwind with our electric massage chairs and more! Nothing can be more relaxing than a good old massage after a hard day's work. Unfortunately, you don't always have the time to go to a spa or massage parlour. So why not get the benefits of a spa at home? With our high-quality massage chairs, you can! Put your feet up and enjoy a soothing massage with these awesome recliner chairs.

A Range of Australian Massage Chairs

At Bargains Online, you'll find the best range of massage chairs in Australia.

Full-Body Massage Chairs for the Ultimate Zen Experience

A full-body massage chair is the most popular kind of massage chair there is. It's a zero-gravity chair that provides you with a full-body massage—what more could you ask for? If you're looking for something that can massage you from neck to feet, this is the perfect massage recliner chair for you! Imagine getting that special treatment for your neck, shoulders, torso, calves, and feet. Some of the newest versions massage even the hands and arms.

Heated Massage Chairs to Soothe Sore Spots & Tired Joints

If you want something more lavish, you might want to try the heated massage chairs. Heat therapy is actually a well-known treatment for muscular tension and discomfort. The heat helps your muscles relax, making for a more soothing massage. That's why you can also find this feature in many high-end automobiles and 5-star hotel suites.

Ottoman Massage Chairs for Quick, Targeted Relief

Ottoman massage chairs are more affordable and compact. The advantage of this massage chair compared to others is that they're very mobile. It's easier to move them around, and they don't take up much space. They also have a slim design, making them more aesthetically pleasing. And, of course, they're also capable of giving you a relaxing massage to help you unwind.

Air Massage Chairs for a Modern Massage

Though equally as comfortable and relaxing, air massage chairs give a different kind of massage than your regular massage chairs. What sets them apart is their use of electronic massage technology, where they use a set of airbags to massage. As a result, you'll experience a new and gentler sensation than your regular massage chair. They can also reach areas of your body your regular massage chairs can't reach. The airbags provide a superb full-body massage and help you feel calm after strenuous exercises.

Style Your Home With High-Quality Furniture

Make a beautiful home with Bargains Online's selection of high-quality furniture. Crafted following stringent guidelines that meet Australian standards, rest assured that our furniture will be in it for the long haul! Eat your favourite meals and spend quality time with your family at home with our dining tables and chairs. Get enough seats while maximising space with our foldable chairs. Or set up a chic hangout with wooden bar stools. Rest in comfort and style with our soft and plush armchairs. Or, get really cosy with our lounge sofa chairs and beds. Have a place for coffee or tea to sit in your living room with our coffee tables. Whatever furniture you need, you can find it at Bargains Online!

Mellow Out With Bargains Online

Do you crave more relaxing nights at home? Our massage chair for sale can help you wind down and decompress after a stressful day. So buy a massage chair at Bargains Online now and come home to a more mellow and relaxing night.

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