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Kick Back With Ultra-Comfy & Affordable Sofas & Lounges

There's no better way to end a busy day than by lazing around on a soft, comfortable lounge or sofa. However, not all sofas are made equal. So make sure you pick a high-quality one for the best comfort, support and longevity. Design-wise, lounge sofas are the focal point of your living room; they significantly influence your room's atmosphere. Luckily, Bargains Online offers a wide range of high-quality sofa chairs at affordable prices. Choose from various sizes, comfort levels and styles to suit your needs.

A Wide Range of Sofa Lounges Sold Across Australia

Are you looking for comfort or a certain style? Are you searching for a lounge that seats all of your mates, or one that’s just for you? At Bargains Online, we have lounge sofa sets that are perfect for movie nights with friends, or smaller seats that are ideal for a cosy night in for two. Whatever you need, we've got something to suit your style.

Loveseats for Those Extra Special Moments

Loveseats are named as such because they're designed to hold two people. Otherwise known as two-seaters, these sofas provide comfort and style without crowding a room. They're typically designed with two individual cushions or a long single bench cushion.

Fabric Sofas With Vibrant Colours or Cosy Neutrals

The best thing about our fabric chairs is that they have a wide variety of designs. So whether you're into clean neutral tones or bright popping colours, you can get your ideal print with these lounge sofas for sale. You can also find an assortment of textures and patterns that will tie your space together. Because of the variety of fabric sofas in our range, choosing this type of chair will make it easier for you to find something that complements your living room style.

Modulars for Suiting Your Space Perfectly

Modular sofas have interlocking pieces that may be moved around to create an L-shape or U-shape design to fit your living room. Perfect for open floor plans, a large modular sofa can anchor a space and function as a partition to divide the living area from the dining room. Likewise, even a small modular can provide plenty of comfy seating within a small space, making it ideal for entertaining or even just hanging out with loved ones.

Sofa Beds for Space-Saving Guest Solutions

Take a nice siesta in the afternoon or offer your living room to a friend for the night. With sleeper beds, you can transform your sofa into a bed for a nift space-saving option and ultimate functionality. Our lounge sofa beds come in various forms and designs, from traditional pull-out sofa beds to day beds and futons. Whatever your comfort and style needs, we've got it here for you. Get them in single, double and queen sizes to suit your space.

Chaise Lounges to Add a Touch of Class to Any Home

In French, a chaise lounge refers to any long, modern reclining chair. While it's technically more a chair than a couch, its elongated shape makes it perfect for stretching out and lounging. Their shape also makes them an elegant accent piece. Choose from our lounge sofa chairs today, and get ready to recline and unwind.

Armchairs for Getting Cosy With Friends & Family

Armchairs are great for pairing with a sofa as an accent piece in your living room. They provide fantastic comfort for you, while also offering support for your arms so you can relax and stay comfortable while sitting down.

Style Your Home With High-Quality Cheap Furniture

Make a beautiful home with Bargains Online's selection of high-quality stools and chairs. Crafted following stringent guidelines that meet Australian standards, rest assured that our furniture will be in it for the long haul! Eat your favourite meals and spend quality time with your family at home with our dining tables and chairs. Have a seat for everyone while maximising space with our foldable chairs. Rest in comfort and style with our soft, plush sofa chairs. Have the perfect chair for your vanity dresser with vanity chairs to help you get ready for the day or a night out in style. Whatever furniture you need, you can find it at Bargains Online!

Relax & Be Comfortable With Bargains Online

Bring style and comfort to your living room with our line of chic and cosy sofas. Bargains Online has the best sofa chairs and bed lounges in Australia! You'll love our wide range of beautiful, high-quality lounge sofas. Whether you want something modern or classic, trendy or minimalist, we've got something that fits well with your living room. Our products will make your home an excellent hangout spot with your friends and family. So buy our lounge sofas, prop your feet up and get comfortable!

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