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5 Best Whipper Snippers (Electric & Petrol-Powered) in Australia
  • Author: Bargains Online

  • Date Posted:19 November 2019

Whipper snipper is also referred to as lawn trimmers, edge-trimmers or line trimmers. It is used for getting precision-perfect lawn edges or garden borders. Moreover, you can cut down wild patches of long grass to size, get horizontal trimming along fences and walls and even mow fair-sized areas of lawn. 

Five Best Whipper Snippers That Are Worth Buying in Australia:


1. 20V Whipper Snipper – Your Electric Cordless Grass Line Trimmer:

This 20V cordless electric grass trimmer garden tool can help you keep your lawn in spotless condition. Thanks to its ergonomic design, its adjustable telescopic tube facilitates for perfect manoeuvrability and comfort making it simple and handy to use. Fine-tune your cordless trimmer to the right length with its flexible aluminium tube that can be tweaked from 850-1140mm. Now you don’t have to carry your grass trimmer around the garden. This cordless grass trimmer comes standard with a 20V, 1500mAh lithium battery of superior quality, which guarantees 30-45 minutes of continuous running time. Its modern lightweight design offers you great mobility and handy storage. So bring home Black Eagle 20V Line Trimmer Whipper Snipper today and keep your lawns looking good. 

2. Pole Chainsaw Hedge Trimmer – Brush Cutter Whipper Snipper Backpack

Is maintaining your lawn or garden hurting your arms and shoulders? Here comes 10-in-1 multi-functional garden tool of Black Eagle Pole Chainsaw Hedge Trimmer, which is charged by 52cc genuine 2 stroke engine that is entirely designed to make your garden jobs effortless. This backpack design is the ideal solution for completing bigger jobs because the majority of its weight revolves around your shoulders, and only a very light-pole and trimmer-head is held and moved using your arms. With this smart 52cc line trimmer brush cutter, you can efficiently cut small bushes and trees, as well as, trim down that long grass in your garden or lawn swiftly and efficiently with fewer efforts.

Black Eagle Pole Chainsaw Hedge Trimmer Brush Cutter Whipper Snipper Backpack


3. Line Trimmer Cordless Electric 40V Garden Tool

This cordless electric 40V grass trimmer is a highly durable and light-weight garden tool that’s perfect for your use. The cutting heads are completely adjustable for all those tough to reach areas and can tweak to four different head positions ranging from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. The handle is perfectly placed to provide great manoeuvrability and seamless control. As this grass trimmer is durable and of high-quality, it’s an ideal tool that can deliver perfectly manicured lawn every time. With a cutting path of up to 300mm, this grass trimmer can effortlessly assist you to trim your lawn with precision. Weighing just 10 kg, handling this cordless grass trimmer is a breeze and it can facilitate you to cut your lawn with the utmost comfort. The new and enhanced design facilitates for effortless handling and easy storage. Know more about Cordless Electric Line Trimmer 40V.

Cordless Electric Line Trimmer 40V


4. Electric Line Trimmer – Your 600 watts Garden Tool

With this 600 watts electric line trimmer garden tool, you can speedily and handily trim your lawn and make it look stunning. Besides, it’s durable, very convenient and simple to use. Thanks to its ergonomic design that’s lightweight and enhanced telescopic handle let you work speedily with a greater knack for meticulous work with ease. To get perfect trimming, great manoeuvrability is required, which you can achieve with this grass trimmer that comes with a 3-edge cutting angle (+90,-90 and 180 degrees). This 600W electric grass trimmer is affordable, very handy and robust DIY tool, which will give you ultimate lawn every time that you always desired.

NEW Black Eagle Electric Line Trimmer Whipper Snipper Garden Tool 600W

5. Brush Cutter 7-in-1 Honda Multi-Tool

This 6-in-1 Black Eagle multi-tool brush cutter is fitted with original Honda engine and is fully equipped by an ultra-lightweight 4-stroke engine that flawlessly renders a noise-free, clean and powerful performance that you’ll anticipate from a bigger engine, but here it’s available in a very compact package. It’s very easy to start - the carburettor transmits fuel straight to the combustion chamber and modest, dependable ignition is only a smooth pull away, even after storage. The robust GX35 is a very dependable, consistent and durable engine, which will not let you down. This is the perfect multi-tool that should own for all your garden maintenance needs. Know more about Brush Cutter [7 in 1 Multi Tool powered by Honda engine].

7 in 1 Multi Tool Brush Cutter powered by Honda


Hey presto, but before choosing the right whipper snipper for your needs, you need to figure out whether you need electric or petrol-powered equipment. Whipper snippers are divided into two major categories that are:

  1. Electric & cordless battery-powered trimmers
  2. Petrol-powered trimmers

1. Electric & Cordless Battery-Powered Trimmers

Electric and cordless battery-powered brush cutters tend to have less cutting power than petrol powered trimmers but they are handier for smaller yards. They are simple to start and make less noise compared to petrol variants. On the other hand, corded electric trimmers need an extension cord to be dragged behind you, which is potentially risky, thus, they are best suited for small backyards. Motors of electric and cordless variants are normally at the cutting head instead of the handle end. The length of the shaft can often be adjusted as it doesn’t come with an actual drive shaft. If you have a bigger yard that can’t be completed with just one battery charge or if you get the trimmer out just to realise you haven’t charged it the last time, then it’s best to have a spare battery that can prove quite useful. When it comes to batteries, you need to consider two vital things namely voltage and capacity:

  • Capacity (Ah or amp hours): Capacity stands for the relative running time – the larger the capacity, the longer would be the running time. Although a 1.5 Ah or 2.0 Ah batteries are perhaps adequate for a usual yard; however, if you require longer run time then look for bigger capacities. 
  • Voltage (V): Voltage stands for the power of the battery. Advancement in battery technology means that many variants now come with batteries rated at 36V, and some variants even come with 40V or 56V batteries providing better cutting performance than 18V battery variants.

2. Petrol-Powered Trimmers

Petrol-powered variants are the ultimate choice when it comes to managing large areas or for contractors as you can easily and swiftly refuel them and they are the most resourceful at cutting through swathes of long rough grass. However, when buying a petrol-powered trimmer, you need to consider the following:

Curved Shaft or Straight Shaft

Straight-shaft petrol trimmers often known as brush cutters are heavy-duty and often more powerful than curved-shaft variants, and can have a greater reach. Conversely, curved-shaft petrol trimmers tend to be popular in the domestic trimmer collection.

Other Vital Things to Consider

  • Whipper snipper variants are available with and without a clutch. In a clutchless variant, the line rotates continuously when the motor is ON, so you need to be cautious when walking around without turning it OFF. Conversely, a trimmer variant with the clutch will halt the cutting head from rotating when the motor is unused, which is safer when you’re moving between areas.
  • A transparent fuel tank can be more convenient as you can easily see when you’re running low on petrol, as well as, it will make refuelling effortless, as you can see through how much fuel you need to put in.
  • Pay heed to the shape and size of your lawn, the type of edges and obstructions it has and the type of grass it contains.
  • A 4-stroke engine can be handier as it requires straight unleaded petrol and discharges less pollution. However, a 2-stroke engine is still a popular choice and still many of the petrol variants come with a 2-stroke engine. If you opt for a 2-stroke engine brush cutter - trimmer variant, you need to ensure mixing the fuel in the right proportion – you can buy 2-stroke oil for mixing with the fuel at auto stores, mower shops, hardware stores and petrol stations located near you.

Voila! Now you are fully equipped to choose the perfect whipper snipper for your garden maintenance needs! 

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