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Your Ultimate Guide to Running On a Treadmill From the Best One to Buy to Making It a Habit
  • Author: Bargains Online

  • Date Posted:10 August 2022

Looking for a sleek, sturdy and high-tech treadmill for sale to kickstart your running hobby? Luckily, there are loads of options to choose from! Treadmills offer a super convenient way to maintain regular exercise from the comfort of your own home. You can place them anywhere in your house, positioning them in front of a TV or in a home gym, and sneak in a bit of healthy movement consistently throughout the day. They are also well-made enough to handle extended periods of intense workout, so you can complete a whole exercise routine without dragging yourself to the gym. The fact that you can access these pieces of equipment at any time and without having to commute gives you more incentive to walk, jog or run regularly.

Of course, finding the right treadmill can be tricky. That’s why we’ve come up with this handy guide to make buying a treadmill online easy!

3 Things to Look for When Buying a Treadmill

Blanket: Before you buy a treadmill, we recommend that you seriously consider your personal exercise goals and style. This includes the kinds of exercises you enjoy doing on a regular basis, as well as the extent to which you want to challenge yourself. These factors will influence the kind of treadmill that would best suit your needs. When you have the perfect treadmill, using it becomes significantly easier, and some of the barriers between yourself and motivation fall away.

Buy a Treadmill With an Automated Incline

Electric treadmills with automated inclines make exercise more interesting by varying things up. This feature can also be used to meet specific needs. An automated incline can be easier on your joints. If you find that joint pain or potential joint pain is something that stops you from moving, an automated incline treadmill might help. This is because a slight incline reduces the amount of stress placed on the joints while increasing the intensity of the workout. Using a treadmill with an automated incline will also support better muscle definition and maximise calorie burn, allowing you to meet your specific exercise goals.

Look for Treadmills for Sale With Built-In Workout Programs

Most modern treadmills include built-in workout programs that challenge you in different and interesting ways. These programs control the speed and incline so that all you have to worry about is finishing the workout. Treadmill workout menus vary in size and variety, with many treadmills for sale in Australia offering you the option to modify a workout or even create your own! You’ll be smashing those goals in no time.

Don’t Forget to Keep an Eye Out for Treadmill Accessories

Some treadmills come with additional exercise accessories to enhance and vary your workouts. These can include gym balls, dumbbells and fitness trackers. Before you buy a treadmill online, make sure to consider all the options, as bonus accessories like these never go astray. Just like different kinds of treadmills, unique exercise accessories offer specific ways to address your fitness goals.

So, what’s the best treadmill to buy? The one that suits your needs, from your running goals to your space to store it, right down to your budget. Thankfully, when you follow our tips above, you’ll find that treadmill in no time.

Our Top Tips For a Perfect Run Every Time

Once you have your perfect treadmill, it’s time to kick-start your exercise routine! Just make sure you’re well-versed in how to use your treadmill safely and effectively. As easy as they are to use, your experience with a treadmill can always be enhanced by some simple techniques.

Pre-Run Tips to Maximise Your Workout

Before you begin your run, familiarise yourself with the treadmill. Explore what each of the buttons does, using the manual as reference, and take note of the emergency stop button. You should also make sure that you’ve set your treadmill up on a flat surface with a non-slip mat. If you have young kids or pets, take extra precautions to ensure that they’re not going to suddenly try to get on the treadmill while it’s in use.

For general preparedness, it’s also a good idea to have water on hand and a playlist ready to go. Music will help you get into a flow that will make exercise much easier and more enjoyable. You should also be wearing proper running shoes. While the treadmill won’t be dirty or uneven like the ground, you’ll still definitely require good-quality shoes for support and comfort as you run.

Tips for During Your Run to Keep Hitting Those Goals

Warm Up for the Best Results & a More Enjoyable Workout

Firstly, it is important to warm up before you commence high-intensity exercise. Start with a 5-minute walk or light jog to raise your heart rate and send oxygen to your muscles.

Be Careful With the Incline

Don’t make the incline too steep (over 7%) at any point in your workout, as this can put strain on your back, hips and ankles. You can, however, run at somewhat of an incline intermittently for a great workout — between 1–2% is recommended.

Don’t Hold Onto the Treadmill

Resist the urge to hold onto the handrail or console, as this makes it easier for yourself and defeats the purpose of the exercise. This habit also causes you to hunch over, which can create neck, shoulder and back pain. If you’re holding onto the treadmill because you think you might fall, you should reduce the speed and incline settings. You may just need to work up to these settings and build your confidence on the treadmill.

Pay Attention to Your Stride

On the topic of reducing back pain, you should also avoid leaning forward and looking down while you run. Make sure your stride is the same as it would be if you were running outside.

You should also work on your stride count, which refers to how many steps you take in a minute. Focus on taking shorter, quicker strides and keeping your feet close to the belt. This technique will boost your efficiency. If you’re interested in calculating your stride count, simply count how many times one foot hits the belt in a minute and multiply that amount by two.

Don’t Step On or Off the Treadmill While It’s Moving

If you need to stop your workout part way through, slow the treadmill down to a very reduced pace and lower the incline. Then, once it has completely stopped, you can step off carefully. This ensures you don’t take a tumble and cut your run short because of an injury.

Cool Down to Reduce Muscle Pain & Keep Your Head

When you’re nearing the end of an intense workout, it can be tempting to just jump off the treadmill as soon as you can. However, this will cause your heart rate and blood pressure to drop quite rapidly, leading to light-headedness. To avoid this unpleasant experience, end your workout by settling into a 5–10 minute jog or walk. This will also help stretch out your muscles and make those next-day aches and pains less noticeable.

Where Can You Buy a Treadmill?

If you’re on the lookout for treadmills for sale, check out Bargains Online. We have a huge range of top-of-the-line treadmills to suit every kind of shopper. Our online store offers great deals on exceptional products and delivers all across Australia. Visit our online store today to buy your new favourite workout tool: an electric treadmill! You’ll be crushing those running goals in no time!

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