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King Vs Queen Size Bed - Which Is Better for Me?
  • Date Posted:30 January 2023

Getting a goodnight’s sleep is very important, which is why knowledge regarding queen and king size bed dimensions can really come in handy. Knowing the difference between the two can help you decide which mattress is more suited to your individual needs. So, here’s our guide to everything you need to know about king and queen beds!

 Understanding King & Queen Dimensions for a Good Night’s Sleep

What is the difference between a king and queen size bed? Well, it mostly comes down to the difference in dimensions and surface area.

When it comes to the width of a queen bed, your average queen bed mattress is usually 152.4 cm (60 inches) wide and 203.2 cm (80 inches) long with a surface area of 12,192 square centimetres (4,800 square inches). A king bed mattress, on the other hand, is 193 cm (76 inches) wide and 203.2 cm (80 inches) long, with a surface area of 15,443 square centimetres (6,080 square inches). The length of the two mattresses is identical at 203.2 cm, with the king size bed dimensions being slightly wider than the queen bed size.

Who Does a King Bed Suit Best?

A king size bed has centimetre dimensions to suit many Australian homes, despite being a very spacious mattress. It can easily accommodate a couple, along with a small child or a pet. It is the obvious choice for taller individuals or those who would simply prefer more personal space when they slumber. However, due to their larger size, king beds do not fit easily in all rooms and are best suited for large bedrooms. When it comes to price, king mattresses are a better choice for those who do not mind spending a bit more on their beds and accessories. They are on the heavier side when compared to queen beds which makes them harder to move. So if you are someone who tends to move houses a lot, take into consideration whether you have the resources to safely transport your king bed.

Who Does a Queen Bed Suit Best?

A queen mattress is a size that is more affordable for most people. It also can fit easily in most rooms. As a result, is the most popular size in the market since most people already own queen accessories and bedding. Being slightly smaller than the king bed, it is also much easier to move in case you are relocating. Most couples will be comfortable sharing a queen mattress with one another. However, if you personally prefer more free space, you may wish to upgrade to a king. It can get really cramped for some couples and might not be an advisable choice if you are planning on sharing the bed with a child or pet.

What Do I Do If Neither Bed Suits Me?

Both king and queen mattresses are really popular choices for most people who plan on sharing a bed with a partner or family member. However, a king size bed’s dimensions isn’t going to suit every Australian, nor will a queen’s. So, if you are on a smaller budget or looking for a mattress just for yourself, there are plenty of other options to choose from as well.

If you are looking for a cost effective option, a single bed mattress is 91.44 cm (36 inches) wide and 29.13 cm (74 inches) long and ideally suited to a single individual who wants to include a bit more furniture in their bedroom. Single beds are popular choices for small children or smaller individuals who want more room space and don’t mind the more-compact sleeping size. The largest type of single mattress you can find is a king single mattress, which is 106.68 cm (42 inches) wide and 203.2 cm (80 inches) long. It is wider and longer than a standard single mattress, with its length matching a king or queen bed. These are very well suited for taller individuals or growing teens.

If a single seems too small for you, a larger more comfortable option would be a double bed mattress. These are 137.16 cm (54 inches) wide and 29.13 cm (74 inches) long. While they are the same length as a single mattress, they are shorter and less wide than a queen bed. Double mattresses are close to queen beds in price range and are most suited to teenagers and adults that have restricted space, are not very tall or have a double bed frame they wish to keep using.

If all these are not for you, then inflatable mattresses are a great choice for when you’re on the move or are looking for something a bit more budget friendly.

What to Look for When Buying My New Bed

In addition to your sleeping arrangements, budget and room specifications, there are some factors you should look for when shopping for your new bed. Your preferred firmness level is an important feature that contributes to getting enough sleep. Plush beds contour to your body’s curves, making them a comfortable option for side sleepers. Medium beds offer something between firm and plush, while firm beds are more suited to stomach sleepers or those who have back problems and require a rigid surface to sleep on.

Bed composition can have several variations that can influence how you sleep at night. Innersprings can be open coil, continuous coil, pocket spring or offset coil. The mattress can also be made of different materials such as latex, gel-infused foam or memory foam. Depending on your personal preferences or medical requirements, you may need to choose a mattress with features that are beneficial to your situation.

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