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The Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide to Choose Mattress
  • Author: Bargains Online

  • Date Posted:9 September 2022

If you’re sick of sleepless nights or waking up bleary eyed and stiff, buying a mattress online could be the solution. While a bricks-and-mortar store can be a great way to get a sense of the kinds of beds and mattresses that best suit you, you’re missing out on a whole range of beds and mattresses for sale, not to mention savings, if you don’t take your search online! But if you’re feeling anxious about making such a big purchase online, don’t worry — this guide will turn you into an online mattress shopping maestro.

Why Is a Good Night's Sleep So Important?

We’ve all had a bad night’s sleep and felt its effects the next day. Irritability, struggling to focus and feeling like you’re a zombie walking through a daydream are all signs that last night just didn’t cut it. But what’s really going on?

Without the downtime a solid night’s sleep gives us, we suffer! From reducing our ability to learn and problem solve to helping us feel in a better mood, when we get a decent sleep — and enough of it regularly — we function far better. Even our physical health is affected, with studies suggesting your heart, immune system and nervous system need a good night’s sleep to do their job properly.

But it’s not the luck of the draw determining if you’re going to sleep easy or spend tomorrow struggling. Your mattress is the number one factor for making sure you nod off fast and wake up feeling fantastic.

If you’ve ever woken up aching or with pulled muscles, you’ll know that a bad mattress hardly ever makes for a good morning. This is because we need our mattresses to perfectly blend comfort with support, keeping our posture spot-on for a less-interrupted and deeper sleep.

Solving the Mystery of a Good Night's Sleep With Your Mattress Choice

If you’ve ever woken up aching or with pulled muscles, you’ll know that a bad mattress hardly ever makes for a good morning. This is because we need our mattresses to perfectly blend comfort with support, keeping our posture spot-on for a less-interrupted and deeper sleep.

Firm or Soft: Where Do You Fall?

While you may think that a firm mattress is key to getting that perfect sleep posture for a better night’s sleep, we’re all different! While you certainly want something that will give you support, comfort is just as important as posture when it comes to sleeping soundly. Most people will find that a medium-firm mattress is plenty of support with just the right amount of give.

Of course, if you’re sharing your king size mattress or queen size mattress with a partner, this gets a whole lot trickier. If your mattress firmness preferences differ a lot from your bed buddy’s, split mattresses with adjustable firmness are a lifesaver. Pick your side of the bed and set your firmness, and you can both sleep comfortably.

Spring, Foam or Hybrid: How Do You Choose?

Once you’ve got firmness sorted, it’s time to think about how you’re going to get that support. The three big contenders are spring, foam and hybrid mattresses, and each have their pros and cons. However, despite the huge number of mattresses for sale, it often simply comes down to what’s going to last longer and give you the best value for money.

A mattress that better disperses pressure over time is going to last longer. For instance, foam mattresses tend to last up to 10 years, springing back into shape fairly easily for quite a long time. Conversely, spring mattresses with fewer springs or less sturdy ones may only last a few years. Then, since hybrid mattresses are the best of both worlds, you can expect better results from these. Of course, once that tell-tale sag or body imprint shows up, time’s up, no matter the type of mattress you bought online.

Do You Want Your King or Queen Size Mattress to Have Memories?

Speaking of mattress types, memory foam mattresses have long been a popular choice for sleep experts and connoisseurs, but is it something you want?

If you struggle with back pain or have trouble sleeping uninterrupted because of pressure pain, it’s time to start searching for memory foam mattresses online. The special foam can make a huge difference to how much pressure is placed on your body as you sleep. Plus, since it isolates and absorbs motion, if your main issue is your partner tossing and turning — or you’re the culprit — less disruption will be felt across the whole bed.

Dream Big But Stick to Your Budget When It Comes to King & Queen Bed Mattress Sales

As with any big purchase, it’s easy to become convinced that you need all the features. But for the majority of us, we only need a mattress with a few basic features. Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a little treat either for an even more fantastic night’s sleep. It’s just about making sure you know your must-haves and keep to your budget when considering extras.

Should You Buy a Mattress Online? Yes!

It’s time to start shopping! Just like any online purchase, shopping mattresses online allows you to do so at your leisure, while exploring a larger range than you might find in store and in your area. However, it’s still a big investment, so make sure to do your due diligence — you might find keeping a list of important information handy so you can keep track of your thought process and the options available.

Choose the Features You Need & What You Want

You know your mattress preferences — and what you’d love to have — so it’s time to find a king or queen mattress online that best matches your criteria. Divide up your needs and wants, and start browsing. Create a shortlist of mattresses that meet the majority of your needs and your wants.

Don’t Forget to Factor In Your Budget

We mentioned it before but it bears repeating: keep your budget in mind as you search. This budget can be flexible, however, as remember that different mattresses have different expected lifespans. What you’re looking for is value for money, since you’re going to be getting a lot of use out of your mattress. This is where it can really pay to look for sites offering queen or king size mattress sales, so you can really make your money work.

Watch Out for Shipping & Handling Fees

Something else to factor into your budget is shipping. Mattresses are large items and can often have hidden — and big — shipping fees attached. Some mattresses though can be more compact than others. For instance, many popular foam mattresses are shipped at a significantly smaller size due to vacuum sealing. Ideally though, you want to pick an online seller who charges a low, potentially flat, fee for shipping, or even offers free shipping on such a big ticket item.

Protect Yourself In Case You Change Your Mind or Things Go Wrong

While it can be great to get your shortlist of mattresses figured out online and then pop to your local retailer to give them an in-store try, this isn’t always possible. However, with a big investment like a new mattress, online shoppers want to feel like there’s a fallback option if the product doesn’t live up to expectations. That’s why you’ll find lots of online retailers offer return policies.

Look for one that lets you try out the mattress for a decent amount of time — like a month — so you can really get a sense of it. Ideally, there should be an easy and cheap way to return the mattress too if it isn’t a match.

But even when you do nail your mattress choice, things may not always work out perfectly. Like any product, mattresses can be faulty and they might not be able to withstand the wear and tear they’re supposed to. That’s why it’s just as important to consider the warranties available as the return policy. Luckily, most mattress brands offer a warranty between 10 and 20 years. Just make sure to keep the paperwork on hand so you can make a claim if you need to.

Wondering Where to Buy a Mattress Online?

Now you’re an expert, it’s time to find where you’re going to buy that mattress. Handily, you’re already there: Bargains Online! At Bargains Online, we have a huge range of quality mattresses, plus plenty of bed frames and bedroom accessories, all at fantastic cheap prices. Splash out and spoil yourself with a mattress that meets all your needs and wants; and get free shipping, great warranties and even a 30-day money back guarantee! What more could you ask for? Find your dream mattress and start sleeping soundly every night now, thanks to Bargains Online.