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Does a Good Mattress Lead to Better Sleep?
  • Date Posted:13 December 2022

We all understand the therapeutic value of a good night’s sleep, and the fact is the mattress you sleep on has a massive impact on how well you doze off.

Of course, each person’s idea of comfort differs. While one person may quickly get their snooze on while kicking back on even a good-quality inflatable mattress, those with more serious back issues may require a supportive mattress instead.

Now with so many mattresses available on the market and conflicting opinions on their importance, choosing a new mattress can feel overwhelming. So, to make your life easier, we’ve created a useful guide to help. We’ll also answer that age-old question “Does a Good Mattress Lead to Better Sleep?”.

Why You Need a Good Mattress

There’s a lot to love about having a quality mattress to lay down on.

To Stop Placing Pressure On Your Body

Ever wake up feeling stiff and sore seemingly without any good reason? It could be that your mattress isn’t properly supporting your body. This results in different parts of your body becoming pressure points, placing stress on joints and muscles while you sleep. Then, you wake up feeling like you’ve run a marathon or gone for a few rounds in the boxing ring, rather than feeling renewed and restored.

To Promote Better Posture

Whether you sleep on a king single mattress or something larger, we all have different sleeping positions, and the quality of the mattress determines how well it maintains or improves your posture. For instance, people who sleep on their sides are prone to back and neck pain. Thankfully, a memory foam mattress can help with spine alignment and prevent these spinal conditions from becoming worse.

To Serve You Well In the Long Run

Mattresses don’t come cheap. You’ll find that even a higher-end single mattress requires a bit of budgeting. But this doesn’t mean you should settle for something lower quality to save a few bucks. Instead, think of your mattress as a long-term investment. Not only will you get that better night’s sleep, you also will get to enjoy it for a lot longer because it is more hard-wearing due to the quality materials used and careful construction.

To Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Ultimately, a good-quality mattress that meets your specific comfort and support requirements will aid you in getting a good night’s sleep more regularly. Plus, when you sleep well, you’re more likely to wake up feeling energised and ready for the day. It even helps ensure you can focus better and boosts your mood.

But if you find that you ever feel uncomfortable at night, struggle to doze off or wake up in pain, it might be time to get a new mattress. Your old one might be worn out or your current mattress just isn’t a good fit for your sleeping style and needs.

Picking the Best Mattress for You

Ready to get a new mattress that helps you drift off quickly and wake up feeling refreshed? Here’s the steps you need to follow.

1. Choose a Size

First things first, the best way to start is by establishing what size the mattress needs to be. Start by looking at the space available in your room. Even if you are the only person going to be using the mattress, if you’ve got the space, it is worth considering a double mattress. This will give you a greater range of comfortable positions to lie in so you can have the best sleep possible. You can also get even more useful life out of your mattress by changing which side you sleep on regularly.

2. Establish Your Budget

When choosing a mattress, remember you get what you pay for. And when it comes to good back health and all the benefits of a good night’s sleep, it is best not to cut corners. Although no bed can last forever, when you invest in one that is made of high-quality materials and can offer you the back support you need, you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth. So spend some time working out what you can afford to pay without breaking the bank, while also bearing in mind that any significant savings you make now will likely mean that the mattress needs to be replaced sooner.

3. Consider the Features You Need & Want

Of course, size matters when choosing a mattress but so too do its unique features. Whether you are selecting a single mattress for the guest room or a king mattress for yourself, it is crucial to think about which features matter to you and prioritise these when making your final decision. For instance, consider the type of material your mattress is made from. Memory foam is a popular choice as it moulds to your body, but there are also those that find spring mattresses better. Similarly, if you’re a hot sleeper, a mattress with a gel layer is great for keeping your cool, even on hot summer nights. So, be sure to explore what’s out there and make a note of what your ideal mattress has to offer.

4. Honour Your Personal Preferences

Remember that there is no one miracle mattress that will be suitable for every single person’s body. Any mattress that will help you sleep without pain, discomfort or interruption is the best mattress for you.

This can get a little more complicated when you’re sharing your bed, but there are areas you can compromise on. Alternatively, there are mattresses that have adjustable features, so you and your partner can enjoy a personal tailored sleeping experience all on the same mattress!

What’s important, though, is you don’t rush into this purchase. Take your time and try different mattresses in store if you can — even if you intend to buy online, trying different styles can help you narrow down your preferences. It can also help to think about what you do and don’t like about your current mattress, and see where your next purchase can improve things.

You Deserve a Good Night’s Sleep

If you’re waking feeling tired, sluggish or crabby, it’s time for a new mattress. With a good-quality mattress, you’ll feel like springing out of bed, without aches and pains, and a clear mind to enjoy the day ahead. But it’s up to you to make the decision to purchase a quality mattress and to find the perfect fit for you. Use the steps above to make your search easier, and remember that a mattress is an investment in your health and happiness.

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