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What to look out for while Buying a Water Pressure Cleaner
  • Date Posted:11 July 2013

Water Pressure CleanersOutdoor cleaning is often done with the help of water and there are many jobs that cannot be done with your regular garden hose. For such outdoor jobs, you will require the help of a professional pressure cleaner that can help you get rid of the dirt and debris on the driveways and the sidewalk. Water pressure cleaners can also be used to help you strip paint off the deck or your house to help with resealing or the painting process.

Two types of water pressure cleaners that are available in the market, and they are electric powered washers and Petrol powered washers. The differentiation is based on how the pressure cleaners are powered and there are many varieties of them available. From small water pressure cleaners that can be used for small jobs around the home to large cleaners that can help you do heavy duty jobs, the options that are available to you are many. The power of the pressure cleaner is measured in psi (pounds per square inch) and all cleaners will require a steady supply of water. The water required for each of the cleaners is measured by lpm (liters per minute).

Electric pressure washers will deliver around 1300 to 1400 psi and will require about 1½ gpm. These pressure washers are ideal for light duty jobs like cleaning the outdoor grills, garage floors or washing the car. They are lighter, quieter and easily portable. Petrol powered pressure cleaners require more water as they can deliver a higher psi than the electric pressure washers can.

Petrol powered cleaners require about 2 to 3 pgm and can provide you with around 3000 psi. These pressure washers are ideal for heavy-duty jobs and are the ones that you can usually find in the rental shops. They are more expensive than electric pressure washers are and therefore are not commonly found in smaller households.

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