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Welding Machine Buying Guide
  • Date Posted:23 July 2014

With an extensive range of welding machine options, we help you increase productivity in no time. When going to buy a welding machine, you are sure to wonder as to the different factors you need to consider. Is it the price or the size that comes foremost? More importantly, what are the different types of welding machines that we have and what is the one that you should prefer?

Before buying a welding machine, you must know the necessary configurative details about the machine and choose from the best assemblage of welders. To serve that, here are some important facts which will guide you in picking the right welder.

Important terms to know Two compact and powerful Campmark welders in vibrant orange with black accents, featuring models ARC-220 and ARC-250. Each machine is equipped with multiple dials for precise control settings, suitable for a variety of welding tasks.

  • ARC Welding: An ARC welding machine melts the welding base by using the flow of electric energy in the shape of an arc adjoining an electrode and the welding area.
  • AMP: It is an abbreviation used for amperage, the power source which provides energy for melting the welding spot. There are different levels of amperage you would need for different purposes, which is charted for the convenience of the user.
  • TIG: Tungsten Inert Gas is a type of welding process used in welders which uses an unpreserved electrode to produce heat.
  • MIG/MAG: Metal Inert Gas welders use electric flow between a consumable electrode and the metal to produce a bond.
  • MMA: A manual metal arc welders use an electric flow between the metal plate and the welding base to produce impact.
  • IGBT: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor is a semiconductor capable of holding high power electric flow controlled by a micro agent.

Available varieties of welders

On basic grounds, welders are distinctive in two patterns:

CV or Constant Voltage: A CV welder runs on a fixed voltage, capacity and uses the current flow of fluctuating streams. CC or Constant Current:

A CC welder maintains current flow on a stable rate to have constant output.

An array of variety exists in the forward generation welders like:

An assortment of professional Campmark welding and cutting machines, including a DC welder, plasma cutter, and ARC-welder in striking black and orange designs, showcasing robust build and versatile capabilities for various welding tasks.

  • Simple DC inverter welders
  • Plasma cutters: 60 AMP and 120 AMP
  • ARC 220 inverter welders
  • Laser welders
  • Gas welders
  • Gasless welders

Choosing on the basis of purpose

Choosing an apt welder depends on purpose, based on two parameters:

For Commercial use: In case the need for a welding machine is for a commercial application, the welder should have the required AMP supply from a range of 60 to 220 AMP as well direct or crossed current supply.

For residential use: In case of personal use, a compact and low priced welder with handy features proves to be more apt with considerably lower pressure impact and simpler transistors.

We hold an extensive range of new generation welders with a reasonable pricing policy and guarantee period assistance. You can pick your choice of commercial or compact welders from the online interface with a few clicks and enjoy timely delivery of your product.

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