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The Perfect Ice Maker Buying Guide
  • Date Posted:16 February 2017

If you want to buy an ice maker either for residential or commercial use, it’s imperative to know the basics of the ice maker so that you can buy an ice machine that perfectly suits your requirements. Essential questions that require due consideration prior to buying an ice maker machine includes:

  • How much ice will you require?
  • What type of ice will you need?
  • What type of ice machine cooling do you require?
  • What size of the ice machine will you require?

Let’s look into the details of these vital questions.


How much ice will you require?

Before buying an ice machine, you need to ask yourself as to how much quantity of ice will you need in a day, or when a party is organised at your home - how many people will attend the party; this information will help you to decide the total capacity of the ice maker that you would need. And it would be good to opt for a little higher capacity than what you actually need so that you can be sure that you will never run out of ice when there is a birthday party or any other function organised at your home.

What type of ice will you need?

Different ice machines make a different type of ice; for example, flaked ice cubes, crescent ice cubes, nugget ice cubes, top-hat ice cubes, gourmet ice cubes etc., so it’s imperative to decide what kind of ice is needed when buying an ice machine.

What type of ice machine cooling do you require?

Typically, ice machines are available in three different cooling options viz. water-cooled, air-cooled and remote-cooled. Each kind of ice machine cooling provides its own unique benefits. Water-cooled ice machines are less popular and make use of water circulation in order to cool the condenser. Extra water lines are installed that facilitates water to run, for circulating and cooling the machine rather than the heat being dispersed into the surrounding environment. In rooms having high temperatures, this type of cooling works well and flourishes where air-cooled units would not. Air-cooled ice machines are the most popular type of ice machine. An air-cooled ice maker makes use of an electric fan motor to draw air in from the front, cool the condenser, and release the heated air from the back of the machine. In well-ventilated spaces, air-cooled units need to be installed like an open space kitchen. This method of cooling will spread-out heat; however, in temperatures above 32°C, it may not give the desired results. Remote-cooled ice machines make use of a condenser that is positioned on the outer area of the ice machine. The heat and even the sound are transmitted to a remote-condenser, normally installed on the building’s roof. The line from the condenser could be as distant as 100 feet. As you have to buy the condenser separately, there is a higher installation cost. Additionally, bear in mind that there would be an extra construction required for the condenser lines.

What size of the ice machine will you require?

Prior to buying an ice machine, you’ll require making sure that the ice machine fits perfectly within the desired space. In terms of length, height and depth, ice machines may differ significantly. Thus, it’s imperative to buy an ice machine that will easily fit in the available space. We hope this

ice machine buying tips

will help you in buying the perfect ice machine prudently.

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