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Major Considerations When Buying A Body Vibration Machine
  • Date Posted:20 June 2017

The majority of the people who purchase whole body vibration machine do so with the desire of enhancing few aspects of their fitness and health. If you have a similar goal then the most vital thing to bear in mind is that the health gains of full body vibration happen as an outcome of the vibration passed from the platform to your body and the manner in which your body responds to those vibrations. Our simple vibration machine buying guide underneath will assist you to make a prudent decision when buying your fitness vibration machine.

Consider Your Objective And Budget

Prior to searching on the Internet or picking up a product catalogue for the latest vibration plate machine, you should relax and ask yourself as to why you want to try a vibration machine and what you can actually spend on a body vibration machine.

  • Need a body vibration machine to burn some of your body fat.
  • Looking to improve your physical performance by building muscle and improving your level of explosive power.
  • To improve a medical condition, you may be looking to start a vibration machine exercise.

Obviously, these are some major reasons; however, there are some others like improving the body’s natural defences and relaxation. Based on your objectives, you require setting up a budget and then just hold on to it. Similar to other products, vibration machines are accessible at different price points and even the low-priced models indicate an important investment. Never allow a company’s sales representative to speak with you and convince you to pay more than what you a have earlier planned just because they speak in some sophisticated technical terminology.

Features To Look Out For In A Body Vibration Machine

The essential feature of a body vibration machine is astonishingly not the vibration itself. The machine you buy should be competent enough to generate the correct amount and type of vibrations so that you can derive the benefits that vibration therapy can produce. For producing the correct vibrations, there are a number of vital features that you must look out for, which we will be discussing shortly. When it comes to making a decision, exterior factors such as the sound the machine produces or the look and feel of the machine aren’t important as they won’t really help you to attain your goals.

Vibration Types

The first and the foremost thing to know is that there are, in fact, various types of vibration machine plates; however, most of the models you will come across fall under two main categories viz. pivotal and lineal. You may question - How these vary? As you might have thought, pivotal machines pivot around a central point, which closely mimics a walking motion - with one foot lifted upwards whereas the other moves downwards. On the other hand, lineal machines don’t have a central pivot, and the plate remains level all through. The design of a pivotal machine means your body actually moves more during use, but the lineal machines are known for providing a higher impact, as both sides of your body are simultaneously occupied.

Acceleration & Frequency Are Vital For Effective Vibration

Acceleration and frequency of the vibrations are the two other imperative factors that are essential for producing vibrations competent of providing you with health and fitness benefits. By applying both mass and acceleration, the muscles are generally strengthened. Your own weight acts (as the required mass with a vibration plate machine) and the vibrations administered are the acceleration. Acceleration is measured in ‘g units’ (g-force values) - the greater the acceleration rating, the extra gravity becomes an element in causing your body to work harder. The frequency of these vibes is measured in Hz (Hertz - one cycle per second) and studies have shown that for the most favourable results you should select a model that is competent of delivering adequate acceleration (minimum of 10 g) at a frequency of between 25 Hz & 50 Hz.

Elements Not That Important

  • The motor is evidently a vital component of the machine; however, it is definitely not a good indicator of the performance of the machine because there are many variables involved.
  • There are some benefits of buying a vibration plate machine having a bigger platform. One of the major benefits is that the extra space facilitates for performing a greater range of exercises; nonetheless, by having a bigger platform, both acceleration and frequency can be affected, which can be counterproductive.

Summing Up

Body vibration machine renders a substitute to conventional forms of exercise and has assisted a lot of people all over the world to improve their personal fitness. The most important thing to consider when buying a whole body vibration machine is whether it is competent enough of vibrating in a manner that produces health benefits. A machine is not going to deliver the health benefits you are looking for if its vibration characteristics are insufficient (lacking). So don’t give importance to its exterior looks or the sound it produces, instead, find out if the machine’s vibration characteristics are functioning efficiently to its best.

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