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Is Whole Body Vibration an Effective Workout?
  • Date Posted:16 August 2018

A majority of people, whether a beginner, a fitness enthusiast or an elite athlete, use whole body vibration machines to increase strength, boost metabolism for weight loss or improve bone mineral density.

Is Body Vibration Machines a complete and effective workout? Let’s find out.

Adding a whole body vibration workout - also known as ‘Power Plate’ exercise to your daily routine helps deliver the same benefits as an actual physical activity. Unlike in past, these are now affordable and you can save big money on the wide range of vibration machine for sale online too. Here are 3 common benefits of whole body vibration machines that make it an effective workout.

Modern pink whole body vibration machine with textured standing surface, ideal for fitness and muscle stimulation.

Easy, Enjoyable and Safe Workout

Whole body vibration machine workout is an enjoyable and affordable alternative to conventional exercise. It provides amazing benefits while also being easy, safe and relaxing for practically all age groups. The seemingly passive exercise routine can actually be a great strength and toning workout with long-term benefits. It is good for everyone who might want to improve fitness, lose weight or want to add a variety to their existing fitness routine for a well-rounded training regime.

Increases Bone Density

When you stand on the platform with your knees bent at about a 30-degree while the surface beneath vibrates at an astounding speed, it creates a hyper-gravity situation which tricks your body into thinking that you are falling. This, in turn, causes muscles to contract and relax multiple times per second which excites Osteoblasts – the cell responsible to create more bone density. Thus, vibration workout has wonderful benefits in muscle toning, decrease in cortisol, better coordination and weight loss, increasing bone-density especially for aged people with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Helps in weight loss

Looking for an alternative to conventional exercise for weight loss?  Investing in one of the body vibration machines for sale online is a great idea. Vibration machine increase metabolism, muscle contraction, improve muscle strength, coordination and balance. Moreover, using it as an adjunct to your regular routine helps burn more fat to avoid piling extra weight and offers you increased wellness and well-being, which ultimately helps you in weight loss.

How to use whole body vibration machines

Simply stand on the platform and choose from the different speeds to target different muscle groups. Choose higher speed levels to target the upper body, while the lower speed targets the lower body levels. Looking to get more out of your workout? You can include push-ups, weights, stretches and more to exponentially increase the benefits.

Don’t miss the vibration machine sale at Bargains Online this season. Each one of the body vibration machine for sale comes with modifiable 99-speed levels, 360 degree 3D shake with a remote control operation and lots more for power workouts in the comfort of your home. Your fitness is now just a click away. We’re hoping to see you there.

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