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How to Accessorise Your Kitchen in Style
  • Author: Bargains Online

  • Date Posted:16 September 2020

Kitchen is a frequently used space of any home, so it is vital to keep your kitchen space looking beautiful, highly-functional and clutter-free. Here are some essential tips that will help you accessorise your kitchen in style.

Glasswares: Adorn Your Kitchen With Glass Splashback

Tiles are the traditional choice to adorn the walls of the kitchen. However, these days, installing glass splashback is on-trend. Glass splashback beautifies your kitchen walls stunningly, and it is a cost-effective option that is super easy to clean and maintain even in busy and wet areas. Moreover, when you install a single piece of glass splashback on your kitchen wall, it will have no grout, so offers a sleek and coherent look.

Kitchen Sinks

1. Stainless Steel Under-Mount

If you want to bestow your kitchen with a modern and refined look, then stainless steel under-mount sinks are highly recommended. A stainless steel under-mount sink installed beneath your kitchen benchtop. It facilitates you to effortlessly clean your benchtop by wiping off all the crumbs right into the kitchen sink.

2. Stainless Steel Top-Mount

Stainless steel top-mount kitchen sinks are also known as self-rimming or drop-in sinks and installed over the top of the benchtop. The sink is dropped into a cut out hole of the benchtop by its edge and positioned in place. Regular cleaning is hassle-free, and all you need is a towel to wipe dry after rinsing it with normal water.

3. Double Mount Sink

The sole function of a stainless steel double-bowl sink is to make dishwashing task simpler — where one bowl is for soapy water wash, and the other bowl is for rinsing with clean water. Nonetheless, a double-bowl sink is useful in more ways than making dishwashing easy.

Jugs & Bottles

Jugs make the best containers to have in your kitchenware. It is handy for youngsters to use. Besides, you can fill the jar with the water or soft drink and take it to serve your guests. Moreover, jugs can also provide you with convenient access to hot water when you require it for cooking.

Stainless steel is the best material for reusable lunch and dinner serving dishes and water bottles. Premium quality stainless steel would not rust or catch scar from contacting with acidic foods like tomato sauce, orange juice, as it is a non-reactive material. So it would not imbibe food smells or flavours from one use to the next. Besides, it is sturdy and durable and simple to clean.


Cookware: What is Your Cooking Style?

Consider what you often cook, as this will determine your material selection. For instance, if you frequently make hot and dry meat, then cast iron pans will also allow browning. If you like to cook sauces or stews low and slow, then a Dutch oven is worth to consider.

Essential Cutlery Set

A set of the knife is paramount. The Chef's knife, the paring knife and the serrated knife are the three essential knives that any kitchen needs to have. Whether to slice cheese, prep produce or chop a chicken, these are three knives you will often use.

Kitchen Shelves: Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Shelves

A stainless steel wall-mounted shelf serves more than one function in a kitchen — you can install wall-mounted shelves on any wall, facing your kitchen. Wall-mounted shelves require less space compared to traditional shelves installed on the floor. It is ideal for storing to-be-used utensils, vegetables, fruits and vital ingredients of a recipe that you will prepare. It can help keep your commercial kitchen's benchtop free from clutter.

Final Words

Above-mentioned are the essential kitchen accessories that every home should have! These kitchen accessories will make your everyday chores effortless, and at the same time, you will have a neat, orderly and beautiful kitchen space to work in.


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