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Brush Cutters – Know How to Service and Maintain
  • Date Posted:1 February 2016

Brush cutters are made of dynamic technology and they facilitate ease of use. Following certain useful tips on how to service and uphold your brush cutter will make sure that your tool will carry on to work safely and dependably in your garden for several coming years.

Scrutinise your brush cutter’s cutting tools

You need to check the cutting tools of your brush cutter. It is imperative that the cutting tools remain in excellent condition, which is critical to the efficient working of the brush cutter. Inspect the cutting tools by following below mentioned steps.

  • Check the line feed after opening the mowing head. You should not find any lines crossed. In case you detect, wind new original lines on to the mowing head.
  • Then after, inspect the mowing head for any wear and cracks. Wear limit marks on the blade define the state of the cutting tools. If a blade requires to be changed, it is recommended to change all the blades.
  • Suppose you make use of metal cutting tools, it is imperative to examine whether the tools require sharpening. Broken, cracked or bent cutting tools ought to be changed.

Use the right fuel

It is suggested to use good quality fuel to power your petrol brush cutter. A clean fuel will generate optimal power, which will increase the self-life of your tool.

Make it a point to clean your brush cutter regularly

You should regularly clean the cutting tools and brush cutter’s guard. We suggest you use a multi-purpose cleaner. Inspect that the cutting tool is appropriately mounted on the deflector. This is vital for keeping the line at a stable length.

Generally, in 2-stroke brush cutter you’ll have to mix both oil and petrol whereas in a 4-stroke brush cutter you don’t have to do the mixing. When you take good care to maintain the engine, you earn for your brush cutter dependability and lastingness.

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