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5 Cat Supplies Online to Spoil Your Feline Friend
  • Date Posted:25 June 2024

Tired of limited choices at brick-and-mortar pet stores? Unlock a world of entertainment for your feline friend with cat supplies online. From thrilling cat trees to enticing water fountains, we'll explore five amazing supplies to keep your kitty happy an

Let's face it, sometimes our cats can be little divas. Remember that laser pointer you bought, all hyped up to be the ultimate feline entertainment system? Two minutes of batting and it was abandoned in favour of the crinkled-up receipt on the floor.

But here's the thing: keeping our furry companions happy isn't just about amusement. It's about enrichment. 

Just like us, cats need mental and physical stimulation to prevent boredom and potential behavioural issues. The right supplies can make a world of difference, providing them with outlets for their natural instincts and keeping those claws away from your furniture.

The problem? Between work, errands, and that ever-growing to-do list, finding the time to hunt down quality cat supplies can feel impossible. 

And let's not forget the frustration of brick-and-mortar stores with limited selection or questionable quality.

It’s a good thing that now, at the click of a button, you have access to a vast array of cat supplies designed to spark joy (or at least, playful curiosity) in your feline friend.

In this post, we'll explore five amazing cat supplies you can find online, guaranteed to unleash their inner explorer and maybe even convince them that crinkled receipts are overrated.

#1 – a cute and quirky cat tree

Imagine your cat as a tiny explorer, scaling Mount Everest. Cat trees offer a world of adventure for our feline friends, catering to their natural instincts and providing a much-needed outlet for their energy.

But beyond just playtime, cat trees serve different purposes:

  • Cats are natural climbers, and a tall cat tree provides them with the perfect platform to observe their domain (think of it as their personal lookout tower).
  • It's no secret cats love to scratch. A good cat tree comes equipped with sturdy scratching posts, redirecting those destructive instincts away from your furniture.
  • Perched high above the ground, nestled in a cosy cubby, a cat tree offers the ideal spot for a peaceful snooze.

There's a variety to choose from online, each catering to specific needs:

  • The Climber - Tall and sprawling, these cat trees are perfect for active felines who love to get their paws high. Look for multiple levels, ramps, and climbing platforms.
  • The Condo - Featuring enclosed cubbies and perches, these cat trees are ideal for shy or senior cats who crave napping nooks and a sense of security.
  • The Wall-Mounted Marvel - Short on floor space? Wall-mounted cat trees offer a space-saving solution, providing perches and scratching posts without sacrificing valuable floor real estate.

Before you dive headfirst into the online world of cat trees, consider these factors:

  • Measure your available space and choose a cat tree that fits comfortably.
  • Go for sturdy sisal rope for scratching posts and soft, washable materials for platforms and cubbies.
  • A wobbly cat tree is a recipe for disaster. Look for a well-balanced design with a wide base for stability.
  • Multiple levels, platforms, and hideaways keep cats engaged and offer a variety of lounging and exploring options.

#2 – the purr-fect litter box


Let's be honest, no one enjoys cleaning a litter box. But for our feline companions, it's their personal throne room – a place of privacy and, well, elimination. 


Choosing the right litter box can make all the difference in their bathroom satisfaction (and yours!).

So, what are your options in the vast online world of litter boxes? Here's a breakdown of the most common types:

  • The Classic Covered Box - This tried-and-true option offers privacy and odour control for most cats. However, some felines might find it a bit claustrophobic.
  • The Open-Air Arena - For cats who prefer a more open space, this option provides clear visibility and easy access. The downside? Odour control might require more frequent scooping.
  • The Self-Cleaning Saviour - These high-tech boxes automatically scoop waste, minimising your scooping duties. However, they can be expensive and some cats might be startled by the automatic cleaning function.

Consider your cat's personality when browsing online:

  • Go for a covered box to provide a sense of security during their "business."
  • In a household with multiple feline residents, larger boxes or even separate boxes for each cat are ideal.
  • Senior cats or cats with mobility issues might benefit from a lower-entry box for easier access.

Choosing the right litter is just as important as picking the box. When shopping online, consider factors like absorbency, dust control, clumping ability, and even scent preference (yes, some cats are picky about their litter box fragrance). 

#3 — smart water fountain

Cats are notorious for being low-key water drinkers. While they might seem perfectly content getting their hydration from their food, proper water intake is crucial for their overall health, especially urinary tract function. 

But how do you encourage your feline friend to lap up more water? Enter the intriguing world of electric water fountains.

These aren't just fancy water bowls – they're designed to entice cats to drink. The gentle sound of flowing water mimics a natural stream or spring, triggering their instinct to drink. 

Plus, the constant movement adds a touch of fun and keeps the water fresher for longer.

Now, let's dive into the features of electric water fountains available online:

  • Flow Control - Some fountains offer adjustable water flow, allowing you to tailor it to your cat's preference. A gentle stream might be ideal for first-timers, while a more robust flow can entice playful cats.
  • Multiple Streams - Double the fun, double the hydration! Some fountains feature multiple water streams, adding an element of visual interest and encouraging even more cat interaction.
  • Filter Power - Replaceable filters keep the water clean and fresh, promoting better water quality for your feline friend.

Before you click "add to cart," consider these factors to find the purrfect fountain for your cat:

  • A small fountain might be overwhelming for a senior cat, while a large one could be intimidating for a kitten. Choose a size that's comfortable and easy to access.
  • Some fountains can be quite quiet, while others have a noticeable hum. If your cat is easily startled, go for a quieter model.
  • Some cats prefer the allure of moving water, while others are content with a still pool. Observe your cat's water-drinking habits to guide your choice.

Always choose a water fountain made with safe, BPA-free materials. Look for reputable brands that prioritise your cat's health and well-being

#4 — the ultimate cat bed

Ever wonder why your cat seems to gravitate towards the most random sleeping spots – the laundry basket, a crumpled-up piece of paper, maybe even your keyboard (guilty as charged)? It's not just feline quirkiness; cats crave comfort and security when it comes to catching those all-important Zzz's.

The good news? The online world carries cat beds designed to cater to every feline personality. 

Let's explore some popular options:

  • The Cosy Cat Cave - Shy or security-seeking cats will love the snug, enclosed comfort of a cat cave. Think of it as a feline sleeping bag, offering a sense of privacy and warmth.
  • The Sprawl-tastic Cushion - For cats who love to sprawl out, a plush, oversized cushion provides the perfect platform for sunbathing and afternoon naps.
  • The Hanging Hammock - Channel your inner interior designer and create a vertical haven with a hanging hammock. Ideal for space-saving and perfect for cat climbers who enjoy surveying their domain from above.
  • The Warm and Toasty Haven - Does your cat crave extra warmth? Heated cat beds are a godsend, especially for senior cats or those living in colder climates.

Before you go on your online cat bed shopping spree, consider your cat's sleeping style:

  • A cosy cave or a plush, round bed will provide the perfect spot for snuggling.
  • Choose a large, flat cushion that allows your feline friend to stretch out and lounge in comfort.
  • A hanging hammock or a bed with perches caters to cats who love to be up high.

Look for washable materials that can withstand the occasional "hairball incident." 

Durability is also key, especially for cats who like to knead with their paws before settling down. 

Choosing the right size is important, too. Your cat should be able to comfortably curl up or sprawl out depending on their preference.

#5 — cat treats to keep them happy

Let's face it, treats are the universal language of love for our feline friends. But beyond the joy of a delicious nibble, treats can be a powerful tool for positive reinforcement, training, and overall feline enrichment.

Online stores offers a smorgasbord of cat treats, catering to various taste buds and dietary needs:

  • The Health Nut - These treats are packed with essential nutrients and vitamins, promoting healthy digestion and overall well-being.
  • The Crunchy Craver - Crunchy treats are perfect for satisfying your cat's natural chewing instinct and promoting dental health.
  • The Chewy Connoisseur - For cats who prefer a softer texture, chewy treats offer a delightful alternative with the added benefit of keeping them occupied.
  • The Freeze-Dried FrenzyThese protein-packed treats are minimally processed and retain the natural flavours and aromas cats love.

When shopping online, prioritise treats made with high-quality ingredients. Avoid options with artificial flavours, fillers, or excessive sugar.

Also, remember that treats should be a complement to your cat's regular diet, not a replacement. 

Treat time also doesn't have to be a passive experience. Interactive treat dispensing toys available online can keep your cat entertained and mentally stimulated. These toys encourage problem-solving skills and provide a fun way for them to earn their delicious rewards.

Upgrade your cat’s life with top supplies online

Gone are the days of limited selection and crowded pet stores. With cat supplies online, you can unlock a world of enrichment and entertainment for your feline friend, all from the comfort of your couch.

Remember, understanding your cat's personality is key. Online cat supplies offer endless possibilities for customisation, ensuring you find the purrfect fit for your furry friend.

So, skip the frustration and browse the joy! Explore the amazing world of cat supplies online and create a happy, enriched environment where your feline companion can blossom.


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