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Best Tips to Save Space in Your Kids’ Bedroom With Bunk Beds & More!
  • Date Posted:20 October 2022

Ever wondered why bunk beds for kids are so popular? Well, when it comes to designing the interior of your home, your child’s bedroom is probably going to be one of the biggest challenges. As much as you want to make them happy, it can be difficult to juggle their ambitious ideas with practicality and affordability. Almost every kid wants a wacky theme, fun decorations and enough space to mess around in without restriction. How can you give them everything they want without sacrificing all the necessities of a functioning bedroom? With cheap bunk beds, you can do it all without breaking your budget. These beds are the ultimate example of space-saving furniture, and they have a playfulness to them that kids adore!

Why Your Child’s Bedroom Requires Plenty of Space

It’s important that children have a space that’s all their own, where they are able to exercise their imaginations without any inhibitions. A large, hazard-free zone is perfect for play and practising hobbies. It is also useful to have a bedroom that can comfortably house more than one child. While your child needs space for themselves, inviting other kids over to play or stay the night is a fun and rewarding form of socialisation. You don’t want a small room to get in the way of priceless childhood memories!

Of course, a playful child is also likely to be a messy child, and it can be difficult to keep on top of clutter. One way to combat this issue is to equip the room with space-saving and storage-friendly furniture. When every item in the room has its place, children have more incentive to pack up once they’re done with their activities. There’s also nothing messier-looking than overcrowded shelves or drawers, and extra space can solve this issue as well. Plus, messy doesn’t just look bad — it can feel bad, too. If your child ends their day in a calm, orderly environment that is free of mess, they’ll be more likely to fall asleep quickly and easily.

Why Are Bunk Beds the Best Tools for Maximising Space in Your Child’s Bedroom?

Bunk beds save space by using vertical space, rather than horizontal. With bunk beds, you can create twice the bed space while occupying the same amount of floor space as a single bed. This makes it far easier to have guests over, as the additional sleeping area is already set up and ready to go.

Many bunk beds also have extra space-saving features, such as drawers or shelves, that are built into the bed’s structure. You can additionally find bunk beds online that come with fold-out desks, so that if your child needs a place to draw, craft, do homework or complete any other task at a table, they have a perfect spot to do so. This means that your child is given more space for storage or activities without having to actually take up any extra room.

Another significant benefit of bunk beds is that they can suit a variety of different room layouts. Any regular large bed is going to take up a fair amount of space, and you will probably have limited options as to where it can be placed within a room. If you look for bunk beds for sale online, however, you’ll find many variations to suit many different requirements and tastes.

It’s also good to keep in mind that if your child needs a bit more space to sleep, you can even get bunk beds with a double bed at the bottom and single at the top. A lot of these products can be converted into two separate beds, so that if circumstances change as your child gets older, your original purchase will still be usable. Bunk beds are generally very versatile and stand the test of time, making them the perfect choice for childrens’ bedrooms.

Bunk beds also make excellent space-saving tools for kids’ bedrooms simply because kids love bunk beds. Compared to so many other beds, bunk beds are cool and unusual — like something you’d see on TV! They provide a great space to hide and build special private areas, such as blanket forts, which can keep kids entertained for hours.

So, what age is best for a bunk bed? Well, young children do love them, but this doesn’t mean that older children or teenagers won’t appreciate the clever setup of a bunk bed. Bunk beds create additional spaces to sit, relax and study, and can be very useful for someone who spends a lot of time in their bedroom. So, evidently, bunk beds aren’t just for kids.

Our Other Top Space-Saving Tips to Try Alongside Bunk Beds

To maximise your child’s space even more, there are many storage items you can consider using alongside your new bunk bed. If you chose a bunk bed online that came with shelves or cupboards built into the end of the structure, consider getting storage bins to place on these shelves. While it can be nice to display some items, storage bins are great at decluttering when the visual gets a bit overstimulating. These are also handy for separating items into categories for easier organisation.

On a similar note, don’t ignore the storage capabilities of the space beneath the bunk bed. While it is easy for things to get lost under there, storage bins or larger containers do an excellent job of creating calm among the chaos.

Using colour-coding or a fun labelling system can also be a way to spruce up a storage system and keep your child happy while still promoting organisation. Anything that might make your child more enthusiastic to tidy up after themselves is a huge win in regards to saving space.

Shop Space-Saving Bunk Beds Available in Australia

Children’s bedrooms are often small, since kids only need a small bed, and their clothes take up far less room than that of the average adult. Once a child’s bedroom becomes lived in, however, you’d be surprised at how fast it fills up. This is why you need space-saving furniture to maximise your child’s bedroom.

So, are bunk beds good for small rooms? Absolutely. Bunk beds are an ideal solution for saving space, and you can find some of Australia’s best at Bargains Online. We have a range of sturdy and stylish products available, from single bunk beds with a bottom roll-out drawer to convertible bunk beds, and even triple bunk beds that can be transformed into separate beds! Browse our easy-to-use website and buy bunk beds online today!

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