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3 Luggage Buying Tips to Make Your Airport Experience Effortless
  • Author: Bargains Online

Ever wonder why some people seem to move through airports so easily, while others struggle with their bags? The trick could be in the type of luggage they use. Let’s unpack some smart luggage buying tips that will help you choose the perfect suitcase.

We’ve all had our share of less-than-glamorous moments at airports.

Rushing through terminals, lugging heavy bags, and the occasional sprint to catch a flight — it's almost as if airports were designed to be some sort of obstacle course. 

But, choosing the right luggage could make things a lot easier.

Yes, of all the internet’s travel hacks and tips, luggage buying tips could be your first-class ticket to a smoother airport experience.

Think of it this way: You wouldn’t wear flip-flops to run a marathon. The same goes for travel. Lugging around the wrong bag can turn an exciting trip into a nightmare. 

After all, the stories you want to tell about your travels should be about the awesome places you've seen, not the baggage battles you’ve fought.

Glide through security, weave through crowds without a hitch, and always have your essentials right at your fingertips. With a few smart luggage choices, that crazy airport rush can become a whole lot easier.

A person in a casual outfit pulls a sleek maroon rolling luggage

Tip 1: Know thy luggage

Before you even think about heading to the airport, there's one key decision to make: choosing the perfect luggage. 

The right luggage is more than just a container – it's your key to a smooth and stress-free airport experience.

Pick the perfect suitcase

Carry-on Luggage: They're small, easy to manoeuvre, and fit right in the overhead bin – no waiting around for checked luggage. They’re perfect for a weekend getaway or if you’re a pro at packing light. 

Checked Luggage: Checked luggage is your best bet for long trips or when you need to pack more. It's big and sturdy, perfect for family vacations, extended stays, or moving abroad. You can stuff them with everything you need, from clothes to souvenirs, without worrying about running out of space.

Hardshell Luggage: Hardshell luggage protects your belongings from rough handling and is great for trips with multiple layovers. It’s perfect for protecting electronics and anything else fragile, making it ideal for adventure trips or bouncing around busy cities.

Softshell Luggage: Softshell luggage is lightweight and flexible, perfect for weekend getaways or as carry-on. Just be careful if you're expecting bad weather or rough handling, as these bags are more flexible. Think of them as ideal for quick trips and light packers who prioritise convenience.

Choosing between them is like picking your travel outfit – it depends on where you’re going and what you’ll be doing. 

Size up and weigh in

Each airline has its own suitcase size and weight limits. Play by their rules and you might save extra cash at check-in.

A luggage scale can be your best friend. Weigh your bags before you leave to avoid any weigh-in surprises. You can also read your airline’s luggage policy online, so give it a quick look.

Buy luggage that lets you pack what you need without tipping the scales. Think lightweight but spacious.

Go for features that make a difference

Certain features turn a good piece of luggage into a great one, especially when you're zigzagging through the airport:

Spinner Wheels: Four wheels are better than two. Your luggage glides beside you with ease, making those long walks to the gate less of a chore.

TSA-approved locks: Keep your belongings secure while still allowing for smooth security checks without any broken locks causing a delay.

The devil is in the details. These features will have you dancing through the airport from the moment you zip up your bag until you unpack at your destination.

Tip 2: Pack smarter, not harder

suitcase neatly packed with clothing items in organised compartments and packing cubes, labelled for efficient travel with luggage.

Why are there even packing tips on a blog about luggage buying tips? Well, packing can feel like Tetris, but with clothes and toiletries instead of colourful blocks. And how you do it makes a difference at the airport – and how you buy your luggage.

At the end of the day, having the right bag and knowing how to pack it right makes travelling much easier.

Pack like a pro

Alright, suitcase is picked. Now let's talk about filling it up. 

Packing can be a pain, but these reminders will make it easier:

Rolling beats folding: Rolling your clothes instead of folding them saves space, keeps things neat, and helps you avoid those pesky wrinkles. Plus, seeing your clothes rolled up so nicely is pretty satisfying.

Organise with packing cubes: These little guys keep similar items together while squishing down items to give you more room. And trust us, being able to find your socks in a snap can be a real mood booster.

Breeze through security: No one likes emptying their bag in front of a line of impatient travellers. Make things easier for yourself by packing your gadgets and liquids where they will be easy to grab. You’ll be through security so fast, you’ll have time for a coffee before your flight.

Keep essentials within reach

Digging for your passport or a snack while in the security line or on the plane is the worst. You get to avoid the panic when you:

Keep important stuff on top: Your carry-on should have your most-needed items right at the top. Things like your ID, a change of clothes, and any valuables should be easy to grab.

Use that personal item: Besides your carry-on, you usually get to bring a personal item. Make it count. Stuff it with anything you might need quick access to, like your headphones or a book.

Use tech to keep track of everything

A couple of gadgets can really simplify your packing:

Keep an eye on your bags with luggage trackers: Know where your bags are at all times so they don’t go on an adventure without you.

Stay within the limit with digital luggage scales: Last-minute baggage fees? No, thank you. Use a digital scale to weigh your bags before you leave home.

Smart packing is smart travel. Worry less about where your passport is or if your shampoo is going to explode all over your clothes. Have what you need, right when you need it, so you can stay calm and collected.

At the end of the day, picking the perfect suitcase isn't just about how big and fancy it looks. You should also think about the things you use to keep your stuff organised inside.

Knowing what you'll use in packing can help you choose the right suitcase. 

Plus, some stores sell suitcases together with these extras for a good price, saving you money and making packing way easier.

Tip 3: Invest in luggage that lasts

A set of silver hard-shell luggage in varying sizes, with telescopic handles extended. Next to them is a collection of grey packing pouches labelled for laundry.

Ever had a suitcase zipper go on strike right when you’re about to check in? Or maybe a wheel that decided to quit on you at the worst time? 

Been there, done that, not fun. That’s why when we talk about luggage, sometimes spending a bit more now means way less headaches later.

Strike the right balance between quality and price

Going for that super deal on a suitcase might feel good at the moment. But if it falls apart while you’re hopping from one city to the next, you will change your mind. 

Here’s how to spend smart, not just spend less:

Buy smart: Just because it costs more doesn’t guarantee it’ll last longer. What’s really behind that price tag? Durability or just a fancy brand logo?

Consider materials and warranties: What’s it made of? High-quality materials like polycarbonate for hardshells and ballistic nylon for softshells can take some rough handling. Also, brands that can promise – and deliver – on a "lifetime guarantee" or "10-year warranty" are a solid choice that will buy you that priceless peace of mind on your trips.

Find the best value: Dropping a few extra dollars on a suitcase that’ll last years? That’s the real bargain. Think of it like buying a solid pair of shoes that won’t bail on you when you need them most.

Do your research on brands

Not all luggage brands are created equal. Some are like reliable friends who help you move. Others... Well, not so much. 

Here’s how to spot the keepers:

Hit up Google: A quick search for reviews can help you see which brands are true travel champs and which ones are likely to let you down.

Ask around: Know someone who’s always jetting off somewhere? Ask them what luggage they trust the most. Real talk from real travellers is priceless.

Nit-pick on brands: Names like Samsonite, Travelpro, and Away often pop up in the chat for being solid choices. But hey, don’t just take our word for it. Give them a look and check if they fit your needs and budget.

Future-Proof your purchase

Picking the right luggage is kind of like dating— you want something that’s going to be a good fit for the long term, not just good for right now.

Think about your travel style: Think about how you typically pack. Are you an over-packer or a minimalist? City hopper or wilderness explorer? Pick luggage that can hang with your travel vibe.

Stay ahead of airline games: Airline rules about luggage size and weight can change faster than you can say "boarding pass." Choose something that’s a bit versatile to avoid surprise fees. 

Look for smart features: Some suitcases come with neat perks like USB ports or TSA-friendly locks. Look for features that’ll still be useful a few years down the line.

Having the right luggage is having the best travel buddy: in it for the long haul, no matter how far you roam. Spend wisely, and you’ll have a travel companion that’s ready to roll wherever your adventures take you.

Ready for takeoff

Choosing the right suitcase makes a big difference. It cuts down on worries about your luggage and lets you enjoy your trip more. 

Finding a bag that’s tough and lasts is important. 

Figuring out how to pack smart so you can breeze through airport security without any stress is another big one. 

And, picking a suitcase that comes with a solid guarantee — meaning if anything goes wrong, it gets fixed or replaced — is pretty smart.

The right suitcase means your travel can be smooth sailing, exactly how it’s supposed to be. So, keep these pointers in mind for your next journey. 

Let's make your trip to the airport hassle-free, so you can focus on the exciting adventures ahead. Safe travels, and here’s to making your next flight the smoothest one yet.

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