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10 Tips on maintaining a chainsaw
  • Date Posted:12 May 2015

A chainsaw is an important and useful tool for people who have lawns. Those who indulge in activities like cutting branch items, cutting back overgrowth, removing saplings and cutting wood love Chainsaws.

Taking care of your chainsaw

Often used, it is a tool that is used for heavy work and day-to-day activities, and does require care and maintenance for its proper and smooth functioning.

Here are a few tips that one should definitely keep in mind for effective usage.

1. Never dirty the chain of the chainsaw: Never run the chain of the chainsaw in dirt and sand as it can lead to the chainsaw malfunctioning. When cutting a tree at the base or cutting a sapling, always dig a hole and then cut, this will not rub the chain on the ground.

2. Don’t cut limbs bigger than specified: Trying to cut limbs bigger than what is specified and instructed can hamper the saw. Chainsaws are designed in such a way that it is specified to use according to the length of the bar and horsepower of the motor.

3. Don’t bind the chain while using: Before cutting with the chainsaw, see where the cut wood is going to split. If it falls on the chain bar, the bar can be damaged and bent.

4. Check the chain periodically: Always ensure that the chain is checked at regular intervals for proper and smooth working.

5. Lubricate the chain: Chainsaws have a reservoir of oil, if you tend to use it regularly always ensure that the reservoir is maintained for its proper working and long life.

6. Use proper oil –petrol mixture: Chainsaws work on a proportion of petrol and two cycle oil. It is advised to check the specifications before mixing the oil. The ratio is 40-to-1 petrol and oil ratio.

7. Keep it clean: It is important to clean regularly the chain saw so that dust and sand don't accumulate on it.

8. Always tighten its screws: Check for loose components and do a proper servicing of all the nuts, bolts and screws from time to time. Make sure the attachments are proper. The chain Break needs to be properly attached to the saw.

9. Replace the chain periodically: running a worn out chain puts undue pressure on the engine. So, make sure you change the chain when it depreciates.

10. Store it properly: If the chainsaw is not going to be used for an extended period, it should be prepped before storing it. Always drain the fuel tank.

Buying them online

Chainsaws are available for sale online, so you can buy a chainsaw online as there are many good offers and many variants like the petrol chainsaw is available. Choose the best one.

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