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5 Best Bed Frames to Buy in Australia
  • Author: Bargains Online

  • Date Posted:27 January 2021

Are you finding a bed frame for a member of your family or a friend or for yourself?

One thing that you should never compromise when purchasing bed frames is the quality of the product. For this reason, Bargains Online brings you a range of high-quality, sturdy, and attractive single and double bed frames. From a reliable queen-size frame with drawers for storage to a four-poster double bed frame, you get affordable and stunning options. On our website, you will find an assortment of options for single, double, queen size, leather, wooden, king size bed frames, and many more.

Every bed frame on our range is sourced from high-quality, reliable manufacturers across the globe. If you purchase from many, many options available with Bargains Online, we will ensure that your money is well-spent – you get a high-value product.

Here are the 5 best bed frame picks for every type of user:

1. Double Bed Frame

Re-decorate your bedroom with this attractive and sturdy bed frame. This double bed frame is constructed over a steel body with heavy-duty connectors and metal bars. On the outside, it is padded with high-density foam and non-woven soft fabric. For extra comfort, the bed frame is installed with a slat base.

One of the interesting features of this double bed frame is its tufted headboard. Additionally, there are four drawers for storage. You can easily store your bedding and linens inside the bed to avoid clutter. These drawers are mounted on wheels for easy sliding.

Double Bed Frame

2. Artiss Gas Lift Queen Bed Frame

When you need a queen size bed frame with a supreme look and durable built, then Artiss gas lift bed frame is the right choice. The first appearance of this bed is the same as any other bed frame. It is padded with high-quality foam and linen fabric. However, you can lift it up and store your linens and beddings inside. There’s so much space to hold all your essentials in one place without making a mess.

The foundation of the queen bed frame is built on heavy-duty connectors, high-grade rails, and a slat base. This makes your bed extra comfortable and snuggly.

Artiss Gas Lift Queen Bed Frame

3. Artiss LED Bed Frame King Size Gas Lift Base

This king-size bed frame is more than your normal bed. It is high-quality because of its high-grade steel rails, slat base, and heavy-duty bars. Generous foam and PVC leather padding offer a comfortable and luxurious look to your bed. The headboard is equally relaxing for your back.

Additionally, when you need storage, you can just lift the bed and store your bedding and linens in the storage compartment. There’s so much space to store your cushions, duvets, bed sheets, and other bedding essentials.

It is amazing that this king-size bed frame comes with built-in LED lights, which have 4 flash modes and 16 different colour modes.

4. ANNA Bed Frame Queen Size Mattress Base

For your high-quality mattress, you need the right queen-size bed frame. This Anna bed frame is just right for every type of mattress and interior. It has a modern finish, fine quality fabric padding, and well-designed wooden slats to distribute your weight on the bed. The foam padding is of high-quality fabric, which is a breathable material for longer use.

To add to the support structure of the bed frame, it is made with heavy-duty metal connectors. This makes the bed durable and sturdy. There’s no storage in the bed which also gives it a slim and minimalistic look.

ANNA Bed Frame Queen Size

5. Artiss Queen Size Gas Lift Bed Frame Base

This queen-size bed frame has a plush look with a sturdy built. The headboard is padded with premium fabric. The wooden slat base is strategically installed to help you distribute the entire weight over the bed for a comfortable sleep. The bed frame is built using reinforced steel bars and heavy-duty connectors for central support. Overall, a strong foundation is offered to the bed frame.

If you lift this frame, there’s a storage space for all your linens, bedsheets, comforters, pillows, and other bedding elements. This gives you additional storage space and keeps your house clean.

Artiss Queen Size Bed Frame

Whether you need a dark bed frame with storage or wooden charcoal texture, we have given some of the best options above. Check the specifications and features of these double bed frames and purchase the one that suits your requirements.

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