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Premium Quality Gymnastic Bar from Norflex

Gymnastic has long been praised for its many health and fitness benefits including weight loss, increased strength and muscle toning. Now you can help your kids get a full body workout in the safety of your own home by doing things they love like climbing and swinging.

Premium quality gymnastic bar from norflex

Where to Start -
A Guide for Beginners

When you start out, you need to follow a routine so you avoid injury and learn new tricks quicker. Warm up properly and do your stretches to avoid injury, then get your area ready for your first swing by moving any hazards.

Now that you’re ready, place a mat under the bar, Hold the bar with your thumbs over the top and perform your first swing. Keep your arms straight and your legs out in front, once you’re through the bar, let go and land on 2 feet.

Congratulations, now you can start learning tricks!

6 Great Gymnastic
Training Tips

  • 01

    Fitness & Fun - Gymnatsic bars a great way to increase your cardiovascular fitness while having fun.

  • 02

    Strength & Toning - Because gymnastic using your whole body to move, you’ll find yourself increasing strength and toning your whole body.

  • 03

    Flexibility - Keep your body flexible by learning new tricks and stretching before and after your workout.

  • 04

    Coordination & Balance - Using your body weight as a pendulum and your arms and legs for balance, you’ll increase your coordination and learn more about how your body moves.

  • 05

    Body Consciousness - The more you learn, the more confident you’ll be in yourself and your abilities.

  • 06

    Fun & Laughter - Have some fun and laugh more while getting fit and healthy from swinging on your gymnastic bars.

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