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Get a Great and Safe Workout Indoors

Like most aerobic exercises, running on a treadmill has great benefits. You can quickly burn a hundred calories for every kilometre that you run. In fact, it is the most effective exercise for weight loss. Working out on your treadmill is also an effective brain booster as it naturally stimulates the release of endorphins, helping you be healthier, think more clearly, and feel happier. But the most significant benefit has to be the impact on your overall health. For example, running encourages your heart to pump blood faster, increasing your circulation and distributing more oxygen to your system, ultimately resulting in a stronger heart and lungs. We all know how beneficial running is, but how is running on a treadmill any better than outdoors? Well, running is relatively much safer on the treadmill. It has fewer negative impacts than running on dirt and pavement.

The shock on your feet, ankles, knees, and back from running on hard surfaces could eventually cause you injuries. Uneven surfaces, rocks, and other obstacles outdoors make running outside even more dangerous. But you’re much safer when you buy a treadmill from Bargains Online. This is because a treadmill has a softer, smoother and more stable surface than anything you’ll find outdoors. Plus, some of our latest models even have shock absorption that minimises the impact on your joints.  

Customise Your Workout

Another reason why the Bargains Online range of treadmills is fantastic is that you can have full control of your workout! Our range includes cheap but good-quality treadmills with programmable capabilities so you can decide your speed, time spent running, incline, warm-up and cool-down periods, and energy exerted. These features are perfect for first-time runners or seasoned athletes. Modify your workout according to your fitness level, mood and needs. Many of our discount treadmills also allow you to check your heart rate, the kilometres you've run, and the calories you’ve burned all on one display. Some of them even have touch screens for easier control.

With a programmable electric treadmill from Bargains Online, you can create custom workouts. As a result, it's suitable for practising for your next marathon because you can customise your speed and incline according to the terrain and route. Some of our models even have race simulation software.

Save Time and Space While Exercising

A treadmill from Bargains Online is also incredibly convenient. You don't have to go outside to find a smooth and safe course for a good run. Instead, you can customise the best running course at home. Most of our machines are also foldable, so you can free up space when not using the treadmill. They also have cup holders so you can quickly rehydrate while working out.

Cheap Electric Treadmills for Sale

Bargains Online offers an incredible selection of high-quality treadmills at the most affordable prices in Australia. Our exclusive range comes with various inbuilt features, including variable speeds, CHP motors (Continuous Horsepower), auto-incline, and more. Choose the best treadmill for your training needs — we have treadmills with large LCD displays, MP3 connections, speakers, USB ports, and more. Make the most of your workout with pre-set programs and different modes, and run without fear thanks to premium shock absorption features. There are so many discount top-quality treadmills for sale here at Bargains Online!

Plus, the cherry on top, we have free giveaways exclusive to Bargains Online! Get freebies such as hand weights, gym balls, and more when you buy a treadmill from our exercise and fitness collection.

You can also buy your treadmill using AfterPay or ZipPay. Pay in four equal instalments at little interest. Plus, get your equipment delivered anywhere in Australia for free. We also have huge selections of outdoors and sports, exercise and fitness, gym equipment, and fitness accessories too to give you a full body workout.

If you’re looking for cheap new treadmills for sale in Australia, we’ve got you covered! Buy from our wide range of discounted treadmills for sale at Bargains Online. Shop now!

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