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Buy Memory Foam Mattress in Melbourne 

Buy Memory Foam Mattress in Melbourne


Finest Mattresses in Melbourne 

Bargains Online supplies high-quality mattresses of the leading brand Royal Sleep Mattress in Melbourne. In other words, a good night’s sleep is now within your easy reach! Our Royal Sleep Mattress comes in two popular variants viz.:

  1. Memory Foam
  2. Cool Gel


Mattresses are available in Various Sizes in Melbourne

The New Royal Sleep Mattress is available in the following sizes:

Queen Size

Dimension: 203*153*34cm | Thickness: 34cm | Firmness: 5.0/Medium

King Size

Dimension: 203*183*33cm | Thickness: 33cm | Firmness: 5.0/Medium

Double Size

Dimension: 188*138*33cm | Thickness: 33cm | Firmness: 5.0/Medium

King Single Size

Dimension: 203*107*34cm | Thickness: 34cm | Firmness: 5.0/Medium

Single Size

Dimension: 190*91*34cm    | Thickness: 34cm | Firmness: 5.0/Medium


The Royal Sleep Mattress range comes in different sizes to suit different preferences and lifestyles. With Royal Sleep’s fantastic mattress range available at unbelievable prices, you’re guaranteed to receive the high-quality mattresses in Melbourne from Bargains Online and you’ll be sleeping peacefully with the understanding that you didn’t dent your pocket in doing so.


What’s more, you’ll receive freebies with every Royal Sleep mattress purchase:




1 Pillow Free

King Single

1 Pillow Free

Double Size Mattress

1 Pillow Free


2 Pillows Free


2 Pillows Free

Royal Sleep Mattresses Melbourne

Royal Sleep Mattresses Melbourne


The Royal Sleep mattress gives you the ultimate peace of mind, as it comes with a solid 20 years of comprehensive warranty.

Choosing the Right Mattress

Everybody wants the finest mattress at the best price when they are out to purchase a mattress in Melbourne. Ideally, the mattress shouldn’t be too soft or too hard but should offer the right feel.

Here is some essential information to assist you with your purchase decision:

Choosing the Right Size

First, measure your bedroom because it is important to know how much space is available in your room. It’s easy to long for a bigger bed when a fierce sale is running, but you’ll need to ensure it appropriately fits your room size before you go out and make a purchase. Bear in mind to purchase a new mattress protector and sheets for the new mattress.

Support is Crucial

A mattress should be able to keep your back in alignment and provide adequate body support.

Choosing the Right Firmness

Ideally, people who prefer to sleep on their stomach need a firm mattress whereas those who prefer to sleep on their side or back need a soft mattress. Bargains Online supply mattresses that have essential pressure-relieving comfort layers to fit your personal preferences and sleeping position. Select a memory foam mattress in Melbourne for warmer sleep and select a cool gel mattress for a cooler sleep.

Is it Cold or Hot While You Sleep?

Each mattress type will dissipate heat in a different manner, but remember your body will slowly become hot during the night and release heat. Suppose, your body gets hot during the night then you should choose a bigger mattress size, so there will be sufficient space between you and your partner. In addition, select mattress protectors and sheets made of breathable fabric and refrain from using high or large pillow-top mattresses.

Mattress Topper for sale

Mattress Topper for sale

Test the Mattress

Testing the mattress will give you a real feel, so make sure you visit the store and test the mattress for yourself. Bringing your partner with you will help you to choose the right mattress that works perfectly for both of you.

Budget is Important

Buying a quality mattress from an online store that is offering great discounts or during a sale are the things you need to look out for. It is a perfect investment that will support your back and enhance your sleep for years to come. Bargains Online come up with great deals all around the year and also has fabulous offers on premium quality mattress range making it effortless to find durable and robust mattresses at cheap prices. Visit the mattress section at Bargains Online where you can find a mattress for sale at a discount price.


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