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Date Posted:13 May 2024 

Before anything else, congratulations and welcome to the thrilling journey of becoming a parent! 

As you tick items off your growing to-do list and imagine all the beautiful moments ahead with your new baby,  let’s not forget one of the most important pieces of baby gear you’ll need: the stroller. 

A stroller isn’t just another purchase; it’s your baby’s first set of wheels. It’s going to join you on countless adventures, from the first park outing to daily strolls around the neighbourhood.

Choosing the right stroller can feel a bit overwhelming with so many models and features to consider. 

A baby stroller serves plenty of purposes. It is a convenient way to move your baby from point A to point B. It's a portable nap station and a cargo carrier for everything from diaper bags to groceries. 

Of course, you’d like to choose the best one. 

This guide will take you through five practical tips to help you sift through your options and find the perfect stroller that fits your lifestyle, keeps your baby safe and snug, and doesn’t break the bank. 

So, buckle up—let's take a smooth ride into the world of baby strollers!

Tip 1 – Find a stroller that fits your adventures

A baby stroller on a sunlit wooden boardwalk, emphasizing its sturdy wheels and comfortable design, ideal for outdoor use.


When choosing a baby stroller, your daily routine and living environment play important roles. Just as your lifestyle adapts to your surroundings, so should your stroller. 

Whether you're navigating the bustling streets of the city, the spacious paths of the suburbs, or the rustic routes of the countryside, find a stroller that complements your day-to-day activities. This makes sure both you and your baby enjoy every outing to the fullest.

For the city dwellers, the concrete jungle demands a stroller that's as nimble as it is sturdy. 

Consider models that are easy to fold and lightweight—ideal for hopping on and off buses or manoeuvring through busy sidewalks and narrow store aisles. 

Compactness is king in the city, so find one that doesn’t take up much space. It should ideally fit smaller apartments and frequent public transit rides.

On the other hand, if you're from a suburban or rural area, your stroller needs to handle different terrains, from smooth park paths to uneven gravel. 

Look for strollers with robust wheels designed to provide a smooth ride over rougher surfaces, making sure your little one stays comfortable no matter where your day takes you. 

Some strollers often come with enhanced suspension systems and larger wheels that make them ideal for longer, more scenic walks.

Lastly, no matter where you live, consider the stroller's storage capabilities. 

You’ll likely need space for baby essentials like diapers and wipes. On top of that, you should also be able to store a few of your own items. 

A good stroller should help you keep everything organised and easily accessible, reducing stress and increasing enjoyment during your outings.

Tip 2 – Consider the long haul

Investing in a stroller that adapts and grows with your child can be a game-changer. Why buy a stroller just for the baby months when you can have one that adjusts through the toddler years and beyond? 

This adaptability not only makes life easier but also offers cost benefits over the years.

Firstly, consider strollers that come with adjustable seating. These can convert from a cosy, flat bassinet for your newborn to a more upright, spacious seat suitable for your curious toddler. It's like having multiple strollers in one.

Also, look for adjustable handles. This way, you can push the stroller comfortably, no matter if you're tall or petite. No more stooping or stretching to navigate.

Choosing a stroller that adapts and lasts can save your family a pretty penny. 

A durable, convertible stroller means you won’t need to purchase a new one every few years. 

This long-term thinking not only saves money but also cuts down on waste, making it a smart choice for budget-savvy and environmentally-conscious parents.

When picking out your stroller, think about the long road ahead. A stroller that grows with your child is a wise investment, ensuring comfort, adaptability, and savings for years to come.

Tip 3 – Buckle up with safety must-haves 

When it comes to baby gear, safety is not just a feature—it’s a necessity. 

Choosing a safe stroller can give you peace of mind on every stroll, knowing your little one is snug and secure. 

So, what should you look for to ensure you're picking the safest chariot for your precious cargo?

First off, let’s talk about certifications. 

Look for strollers that meet or exceed safety standards set by recognized authorities. These certifications mean the stroller has passed rigorous tests for stability, safety harness integrity, and overall construction quality. 

Next up – the mighty five-point harness. 

This isn’t just any old belt. A five-point harness wraps around the shoulders, waist, and between the legs. This makes sure that your adventurous little one stays put, no matter the bumps along the road. It's the gold standard for keeping babies secure in their seats.

Let’s not forget about the frame and brakes. 

A sturdy frame does more than just carry weight—it protects your baby in a durable, stable bubble. Combined with reliable brakes, it keeps the stroller where you put it, whether it’s on a hill or at a busy street corner.

Lastly, always perform a 'stroller safety check' before you head out. 

Check that the harness is snug and secure, the brakes are working, and there are no loose parts or sharp edges. A quick once-over before you leave can prevent problems during your walk.


By focusing on these key safety features, you can choose a stroller that not only fits your lifestyle but also guards your little one’s every journey. After all, a safe baby is a happy baby—and a reassured parent.

Tip 4 – Hear it from the parents

Sometimes, having too many choices isn’t a good thing. 

That's where stepping into the shoes—or reading the reviews—of fellow parents can help. 

Online reviews allow you to see beyond the glossy ads to what a stroller really offers when it hits the road.

Start with both professional and consumer reviews. 

The pros often test strollers under varied conditions, giving you a good sense of durability and ease of use. Meanwhile, reviews from other parents are like having a coffee chat with a friend who’s been there. 

They offer honest feedback on everything from manoeuvrability on city sidewalks to how easy it is to fold the stroller when you’ve got your hands full.

But how can you tell which reviews are helpful? 

Look for the detailed ones—reviews that mention specific situations or how the stroller has stood the test of time. They would offer insights that might be relevant to your own needs.

Also, don’t just focus on the five-star ratings. The three-star reviews can be particularly revealing, highlighting both pros and cons that might affect your decision.

Finally, get familiar with popular brands and what sets them apart. 

Is one renowned for its incredibly light frames? Does another offer unmatched comfort for your baby? Knowing these can help you narrow down your choices to find the stroller that seems like it was custom-made for your family’s adventures.

By tapping into the collective wisdom of other parents, you can make a more informed decision that helps get a stroller that’s tried and tested by those who understand your needs best. After all, it takes a village to raise a child—and sometimes, to choose a stroller too.

Tip 5 – Take it for a spin

A variety of baby strollers displayed in a store, featuring different models and colors, each equipped with a sturdy handle and spacious storage baskets, catering to diverse preferences and needs in choosing the right baby stroller.

So, you’ve read the reviews and narrowed down your choices, but how much can a stroller really handle when you take it out for a spin? 

Just like you wouldn’t buy a car without driving it first, the same should go for strollers. If you can, a test drive can tell you a lot about whether it's the right fit for your family.

First things first, where can you test drive a stroller? 

Most baby stores and large retail outlets have models available for you to try out. Don’t be shy—fold it, unfold it, push it around, and turn those corners. It’s the best way to get a feel for its true performance.

During your test drive, pay attention to manoeuvrability.

How does it handle tight corners or crowded areas? Is it easy to push with one hand while you’re holding a coffee (or another kid’s hand) in the other? 

Also, consider the comfort factor—for both you and your baby. Is the handle at a good height for you? Is the ride smooth enough that your little one won’t be jostled awake every time you hit a bump?

Think beyond the smooth floors of the store. 

Imagine how it will handle your daily walks or trips to the park. Some stores might allow you to take the stroller outside to see how it rolls over different surfaces. You can also check if rental options are available to give it a longer test in more realistic conditions.

Testing a stroller isn’t just about checking if it moves well. You need to see if it fits your life. 

Does it fold easily for quick storage in your car or hallway? Can it handle the storage of your diaper bag and shopping bags? This test drive is your chance to challenge the stroller in every way you'll need it to perform in the real world.

Take time to do a thorough test so you can find a stroller that won’t just look good but will be a practical, enjoyable part of your daily life with your baby. 

This way, you’ll be investing in a model that truly meets your family’s needs.

Wrapping up — choosing the right stroller

Picking the right stroller is an exciting step in gearing up for countless adventures with your new baby. We hope these tips have helped you find that perfect stroller. 

Remember, the ideal stroller not only fits your lifestyle but also ensures safety and comfort for your baby, adapting as they grow. 

Here's to smooth strolls and joyful discoveries on this wonderful journey with your baby. Enjoy each precious moment!

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