How to Preserve Your Chainsaw for a Safe Use?

Date Posted:28 August 2013 

How to Preserve Your Chainsaw for a Safe Use? main image How to Preserve Your Chainsaw for a Safe Use? image

It’s imperative to know how to preserve your chainsaw for a safe use. These days, chainsaws come with more safety features than before, yet they are considered to be extremely risky equipment. Thus, it is very important to keep the chainsaw in top working condition so that it can thwart an unseen accident, and can be a life safer as well as extend the life of the equipment.

Essentials of Chainsaw Maintenance are listed below:-

Chainsaw The first thing is to retain the sharpness of the chain. A blunt chain can lead to unfortunate mishaps and exhaust you as well. The saw does the cutting when the chain is sharp. It will emit out lumps of wood up to a fourth inch across. If the chainsaw is discharging sawdust and you feel that only half the work is being carried on then it is time to replace to a sharp chain or you need to sharpen the chain that you are using.

Either you can sharpen the chain yourself if you know it or learn it or have it done from the professional, which would cost you around ten dollars. If you can pay for sharpening, it would be advisable that you have a couple of sharp chains ready with you all the time so that you can easily replace one that gets blunt as you may occasionally land up on uneven surfaces.

It is crucial to keep the chain oiled, firm and clean. When you are working with chainsaws, ensure that the sawdust and wood chips are not heaping up in the chain. You need to inspect prior to each use that the chain fits comfortably adjacent to the bar, but it ought to be adequately free so that it could be easily moved using your gloved hand.

Prior to each use, inspect the chain oil and fill the tank as required. You need to clean the air filter regularly and consider changing it, when you notice saw is losing power. When in constant use, you should inspect and clean the filter often and also ensure that the fuel filter is cleaned frequently. Regularly examine all the nuts, bolts and screws to ensure they are staying firm so that the chainsaw is maintained in top working condition. Occasionally the spark plugs and carburetor should be cleaned and tuned up. Inspect and change the hoses and starter rope as required. Chainsaw

When you maintain your chainsaw adding petrol requires ample care. Mix oil and petrol as instructed in the owner’s guide. The oil can sink to the base of the petrol can, so mix them well prior to adding to the chainsaw. Ensure the chain is not mobile when the chainsaw is in idle condition. For safety, you need to turn down the idle speed. If your chainsaw is not operating correctly and you can’t figure out the cause, you need to take a professional aid, as using a faulty chainsaw would prove to be a risky affair.

When you want to keep the saw at rest for a certain time frame, you need to remember certain basic things. You need to empty all the fuel from the tank and from the lines and also empty the oil. Take out the chain and store it in a firmly covered container that is filled with oil. Prior to storing, completely clean the saw.

In this way, you can maintain your chainsaw well so that you can use it for several years. All it requires is applying common sense and paying attention to the facts.

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